RE: Where Do We Go When We Die? Your Understanding & What You’ve Been Told



With the speed of light, I would want to make a quick response to an article published earlier on this platform (CLICK HERE TO READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE) by stating emphatically that whoever shares in the thoughts of the writer is either an atheist or is attempting a flee from reality.

The subject of death and what follows is more often than not treated with goofy speculations. Ahead of my argument, it is prudent to state that, to make a comparison between the life of an animal of higher intellect and class – human being and other animals that have no sense of judgment and reason is far over the bar.

We do not require Rocket Science to teach us that all humans, unless you are a hybrid of a dinosaur and a camel; are made of the physical, mental, intellectual, a soul and a God-like spirit. After death, these components find their separate ways .The body certainly remains on earth, as the spirit and soul make another transition – where they go is best left for your guess, based on what your credence stems from.

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