MUST READ: Life is No Fast Food!



We live in a fast world. Our communication is fast. Our food is equally fast. Everything is literally fast. We live in a generation that wants everything now or never. We only want our needs and our wants have conversely become our needs― a generation that lives in an upside down world.

Life runs on the wheels of principles. No one can defy those principles. When you throw an object up, it must definitely come down. It’s life’s principle. When you sow, it must take time to grow. That is another principle life works with.

No matter how well versed we become in technology, we can’t cheat life’s principles. Regardless of how long an airplane stays in the skies, it must come down. No matter how productive Science makes our seeds, they can’t grow overnight into fruits. You can’t beat life’s principles!

It’s like climbing up an escalator which is moving down. Regardless of how fast you climb, you’ll get nowhere. You would return to your starting point sooner or later. Trying to outsmart life’s principles is like trying to run a race in a rocking chair. You’ll expend all your energy only to realize you are still at the same point!

Life’s principles can’t be outwitted. Even in spite of the abundance of awe-inspiring technology, I’m yet to see babies form in just a matter of days in their mothers’ wombs. When you try to cheat life’s principles, you end up with a half-baked product― premature success.

Premature success, like a building without a strong foundation, can’t stand the test of time. In no time, it would come tumbling down. At the little challenge, it would fall into crumbles. What does not take time to come into being will not take time to stay in being!

Formidable success takes time. A strong marriage/relationship takes a great deal of time to develop. There’s no shortcut! For a couple to trust each other at the top of life’s ladder, they should have trusted each other same when they were down there. A marriage/relationship that has stood the test of time can withstand anything!

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