LIFESTYLE GUIDE: Yard Bird in Accra – A Little Case of Style Over Substance?

Yard Bird Table Setting
Yard Bird Table Setting

Where to go in Accra for a quick and no-fuss birthday treat?  It was my partner’s birthday and being that he was travelling the next day, neither of us had time for a long, relaxing sit down meal. It was my treat and so I opted for the Spintex Road Yard Bird as it was conveniently located for both of us, and we’d been waiting for the right time to enjoy the place.

The decor is as you’d expect of an American-style diner – comfy padded seats, loud colour pops and stripes, yet with (in a nod to the “Yard Bird” name) the extra detail of contemporary diner booths with corrugated iron chicken shed roofs gave the feeling of actually being in a chicken coop.

This design has a very European sensibility and so I’d like to see Auntie Adjoa and Uncle Kwaku being seated in one of the booths, guaranteed laughs for an entire week!  Despite the booths (which seat four) being a little on the small side, the interior is stylish, spacious and comfortable – I felt that I had a good rest from the hustle outside.

Alongside the decor, it is evident that much time and effort was put into creating Yard Bird’s menu to recognise local produce and tastes.  This must be applauded; for example there are plaintain nachos and juices containing moringa.  Daily Chef’s Specials help to broaden the choice of food and showcase the Chef’s repertoire.

Cocktails start at 20GHS and milkshakes are imaginatively split into two varieties – standard milkshakes (non-alcoholic) and “Moonshine” ones which hit you with alcoholic potency.  We didn’t try these on this occasion as we both had meetings after lunch, but I’d very much like to try them when possible.  For parents, you’ll be pleased to know that children are well catered for with a pared down “Baby Bird” menu and colouring-in pictures during their meal.

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LIFESTYLE GUIDE: ‘Out & Taste’ in East Legon-Accra | That Perfect Take Away Joint You Should Note Down

Out & Taste in Accra
Out & Taste in Accra

Being a foodie/foodienne/glutton/munch-all-you-like, the eyes in my belly always seem to notice new eateries around town, no matter if my stomach is already groaning from excess. So imagine my excitement when I whizzed past a new take-away on the way to the office!??!  It was like utopia.

“Oooh, I must go there!” I thought, hoping not to forget where I’d seen the sign.  So when the opportunity presented itself a couple of days ago I knew exactly where I’d like to fill my belly!

“Out & Taste” in East Legon’s American House is a little take away offering a selection of Ghanaian food served on time and presented well.  I was later to learn that this week old venture was the business owner’s second branch; the first being located in Haatso.

Out & Taste in Accra
Out & Taste in Accra

It is evident that a lot of thought has gone into the branding for “Out & Taste”; the black, white and red colour scheme is present throughout the restaurant, staff uniform and the takeaway packaging. The logo is simple, original and effective – there is no doubt that this is a place to eat. Overall the branding creates the sense of consistency which is unfortunately a concept that has not been embraced by many business owners in Ghana.  I remain impressed.

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Lifestyle Guide: Le Tandem-French Cuisine in Accra, Ghana

photo 2
beef steak with rice

I am a food lover and everyone knows that. Not a glutton but an appreciative indulgent lover. I see food as an art.

So when there’s good food before me, I adore it and savour it slowly and the taste gives me an almost extreme satisfaction.

So last week my friend and I decided to meet over dinner. We initially set the time for 6pm but work and traffic pressures of Accra kept pushing it back so we started wondering what diners would be open late.

She suggested Le Tandem which is in Labone close to Wangara/Nafti area. I took a few wrong turns before getting there but I knew the area pretty well so it didn’t pose a problem. Our meeting finally kicked off past 10pm. Luck was on our side, they are open late on all days.

A neat little French place with rooms for both short and long stay. I believe the rooms are mainly for tourists. They have great and secure parking too. And a warm mellow ambience. Also regular guitar players will soothe you with soft French music throughout. Though not the best voices, the music still manages not to be irritating and they do not get intrusive.

The menu arrived and to my surprise, I seemed familiar with it. I was expecting a few surprises since I have never been there.

For starters, I ordered a salmon Carpaccio and my friend ordered a mushroom Carpaccio because we wanted to swap half and taste both. I enjoyed the mushroom more. I must add that it goes down best with fresh French bread.


mushroom Carpaccio
Mushroom Carpaccio

Then for the main meal, we ordered buttered lemon prawns with sautéed potatoes which were very, very good. The potatoes were crisp and their vegetables are so fresh. I am usually sceptical about biting into green beans no matter how much vegetable I order but these looked and tasted so fresh.

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