Heaven Is A Scam Used to Manipulate Members Whilst Bishop Dag Enjoys Here on Earth – Lighthouse Pastor Exposes the Truth


A former pastor of the Lighthouse Chapel has exposed the shady dealings of the church. Bishop Okoh Mensah, one of the six who sued the church for not paying their SSNIT contributions, claims that Bishop Dag Heward-Mills and his fellow senior pastors are enjoying on earth whilst encouraging followers to store their treasures in heaven. … Read more

Pained Pastor, Dag Heward Mills Drags Manasseh Azure and Others To Court For the Fourth Time – He Wants Them Jailed By Any Means Necessary

lighthouse chapel sues manasseh

According to Kelly Warner Law, as of July 2001, Ghana’s parliament unanimously repealed the Criminal Libel and Seditious Laws, which had been used to incarcerate several journalists in the past, according to the West African Journalists Association (WAJA). With the amendment, any person accused of committing an offence under the repealed sections will be discharged. … Read more

Kumasi Branch Of Lighthouse Chapel Closed Down By Asante Force


The Bantama Branch of Lighthouse Chapel owned by Bishop Dag-Heward has been closed down by a group identified as Asante Force. The closure of the mega Church came out of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, the founder of the church, making unsavory comments about the Asantehene. READ ALSO: I Warned Him But He Didn’t Listen – Wife … Read more

You Can’t Disrespect My King and Go Free – Afia Schwar Rains Insults on Dag Heward-Mills- Video

afia schwarzenegger dag heward-mills

Afia Schwarzenegger has turned her foul mouth on Bishop Dag Heward-Mills of the Lighthouse Chapel for his verbal attack on Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. Afia Schwar has warned the bishop that he should apologize for his attack and also for his joke of an apology. Dag Heward-Mills has been under fire recently due to an … Read more

Apologise Publicly or Else… – Otumfuo Rejects Dag Heward-Mills’ Apology Letter

dag heward-mills apology

The Manhyia Palace has reportedly rejected the apology submitted to them in written form by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills. Heward-Mills’ letter has been sent back to sender – and he has been directed to present a public apology or face the consequences of his actions. The preacher is in trouble after an audio of him speaking … Read more

Not Just An Alleged Cheat But A Liar? – Social Media Slams Dag Heward-Mills for Allegedly Lying In Apology to Otumfour


Social media is accusing Bishop Dag-Heward Mills of allegedly lying in his apology letter to Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. The Bishop was caught pants down in a bad situation last week, after an audio of him raining insults on the Asantehene was played on Net 2 TV. In the said audio, Dag Heward-Mills was in … Read more

Disaster Ahead As SSNIT Prosecutions Office Opens Investigations Into Dag Heward Mills


The office of prosecutions at the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) has opened investigations into the Lighthouse Chapel for its lack of payment of SSNIT contributions for workers. Six former pastors of the church who have taken the church to court over abuse and lack of SSNIT payments have also made a complaint … Read more

Lighthouse Pastor Received £300,000 ‘Ex-Gratia’ At the Same Time Other Pastors Were Being Abused and their STNIT Contributions Unpaid


More disturbing revelations have popped up against the Lighthouse Chapel and how they treat their pastors. At the time the church was refusing to pay SSNIT contributions for some bishops which has led them to take the matter to court, other pastors were making it big. READ ALSO: Fans Roast Tracey Boakye After Copying McBrown … Read more

I Left Lighthouse After Bishop Dag Told Me My Wife Is A Devil Because She Refused To Leave Her Job to Work for the Church — Pastor Narrates


More details have been unveiled about the alleged wickedness of Bishop Dag Heward Mills and his church, Lighthouse Chapel. One of the pastors suing the church, Bishop Emmanuel Oko Mensah, has revealed that Bishop Dag tried numerous times to get him to divorce his wife. He says Bishop went so far as to say that … Read more

‘The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail’ – Brainwashed Church Members Of Dag Heward Mills Staunchly Defend the Underfire Pastor


A controversy in Ghana will not be complete without brainwashed followers of whoever is under fire coming out to furiously defend him. Seriously, someone can misuse government money which could have been used to better the lives of Ghanaians and those same Ghanaians would defend the person in the name of politics. READ ALSO: Check … Read more

Dag Heward-Mills Reportedly Forces Bishops To Pay Him $1,000 On Their Birthdays and Ghc 1,000 on His Birthday – More Revelations Drop


The revelations just keep dropping. Bishop Dag Heward-Mills of the Lighthouse Chapel International has allegedly been forcing bishops of the church to ‘pay’ him $1,000 every time they celebrate their birthdays and Ghc 1,000 everytime he celebrates his birthday. That’s according to 2 of the six former pastors suing the church. In a report by … Read more

Former Lighthouse Pastor Attempted Suicide 3 Times And Cut His Scrotum Because He Was Under Too Much Pressure from the Church to Raise Funds


A former pastor of the Lighthouse chapel international and one of the 6 suing the church, Seth Duncan, has revealed that he tried committing suicide 3 times due to too much pressure from the church to raise funds. Duncan says whilst working with Lighthouse, he was placed under undue stress to raise money to run … Read more

Dag Heward Mills Exploited Us for Years without Paying Our SSNIT – 6 Angry Former Lighthouse Pastors Drag Church to Court


Six former pastors of the Lighthouse Chapel International, now known as United Denominations, have taken the church to court for being exploited for years whilst working for the church. The Men of God, a bishop, 3 Reverend Ministers and a pastor include Larry Odonkor, Emmanuel Oko Mensah, Edem Kofi Amankwa, Seth Sarpong Duncan, Edward Laryea, … Read more

Dag Heward-Mills Assures His Congregation He Would Fight With All His Might Against Homos*xuality Being Legalized In The Perfect And Highly Moral Nation of Ghana


The head pastor of the Lighthouse Chapel, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, has assured his congregation that he and the church would fight with all their might to resist the legalization of homose*xuality in Ghana.

Homos*xuality is not even an issue right now but as a pastor looking to get your bigoted congregation to cheer you on, going after gays is definitely the right thing to do.

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