PHOTOS FROM the London Premiere of Lydia Forson’s ‘A Letter From Adam’ + My Take On the Movie…

Lydia Forson
Lydia Forson

Actress/producer-Lydia Forson premiered her movie-A Letter From Adam on Friday at the Greenwich Odeon Cinema in London—and the crowd was pretty impressive. Of course, it could have been far better but considering the fact that this is her first, I wouldn’t want to use attendance to measure the success.

Despite trying so hard to beat the conventional late start by turning up for the premiere at 10pm instead of the 9:30 advertised start time, I still had to wait around till almost 11:15pm before the showing started.

Clearly, the cinema hall was booked for 11pm and as usual, I heard several people complaining about the long wait—I presume these were people who got to the venue at the advertised time.

The Story Line

A Letter From Adam’ may not necessary have over the top stars but the storyline which comes in layers of romance and comedy is definitely worth whatever time one may spend to watch it.

It tells a story of a young woman who falls deeply in love with a far older man—and this time, not for material gains but for ‘genuine affection’. Having had rough-good times in the past with series of strangers, this young woman battles to keep her head up for her new found love as the distractions and ‘habit’ from her past continue to creep in…

Of course everyone has something hunting him or her in life, including the old man (Adam)—but Adam is pretty steadfast despite the needless hunt. With the hovering past distractions in her life, the young woman easily falls for Adam’s hunter’s cunning presentation—perhaps, it’s better calling it a ‘misrepresentation’.

The filmmaker says ‘A Letter from Adam‘ is “a contemporary story about love, loss and hope which draws audiences into a realistic cycle of life seen through the pain of loss, the journey of self discovery and the courage and strength to find hope in the face of adversity.”

To me, it’s a good attempt at looking at one of the many shades love comes in—highlighting the fact that the love story doesn’t always end with smiles, something the film-makers themselves struggled to  accept and therefore had to push the ending for that conventional ‘a happy ending’.

A Romantic Comedy…

A Letter from Adam’ is a romantic comedy but I feel the romance and comedy were unconnected though they stayed within the same film. The comedy was majorly between Lydia Forson and Naa Ashorkor’s character—and occasionally, between Lydia Forson and her many in-bed associates.

There was little or no comedy between Lydia Forson’s character and Adam—where the romance primarily existed. A little bit of comedy could have been pushed into Naa Ashorkor’s character and her husband’s marriage which would have well complemented their not so obvious romance.

The comedy got people laughing and the occasional local language ‘interjection’ even made it more fun…It was a big plus!


The strength of the movie lies in the acting; Lydia Forson was amazing and Wale Ojo was splendid. When it comes to delivery, you can’t fault Lydia Forson who placed so well with Nigeria’s Wale Ojo.

Wale Ojo comes up as an aging Denzel Washington, calm and excellent—with that perfect posture and smile for on-screen delivery.

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