Emilia Brobbey to Sue Magdalene Love Over Shatta Wale Allegations

magluv apologises to emelia brobbey

Emelia Brobbey was recently accused by one Magdalene Love for sleeping with dancehall artiste Shatta Wale for a meagre sum of ghc2000. This did not sit well with the “fa me ko” hitmaker as she has issued a notice to Magdalene Love to retract and apologize. The notice was served by Nicholas Soyiri Esq on … Read more

Magluv Apologises to Emelia Brobbey for Lying About her During Hot Fight with Michy – Video

magluv apologises to emelia brobbey

Shatta Wale’s self-acclaimed girlfriend Magdalene Love has come back to her senses and apologised to Emelia Brobbey and Becca for defaming them. Magluv, as she’s known, has been firing on all cylinders in recent days after she started a beef with Shatta Michy and Shatta Wale’s mum, of all people! She insulted Shatta Wale’s mum … Read more

Stubborn Magluv Finally Apologises To Shatta Wale’s Mother After She Almost Beat Her During An Interview

shatta wale neglects mother

Ghanaian dancehall god, Shatta Wale’s new girlfriend Magdalene Love aka Magluv has finally apologised to Shatta Wale’s mother after their recent fracas. In the studios of Hot FM, Magluv went down on her knees to beg Shatta Wale’s mother to forgive her for everything she’s holding against her. READ ALSO: Fear Women – Sister Sandy … Read more

Prodigal Son Shatta Wale Sits Idly By As Magdalene Love Fires Back at His Mother

shatta wale neglects mother

Shatta Wale could not care less as his self-acclaimed girlfriend, Magdalene Love, takes on his mother in a public battle. Magluv, as the troublesome socialite is known, has hit back at Wale’s mother after she dropped some accusations against her. Wale, for the meantime, remains as quiet as a church mouse. Shatta Wale’s mother, Elsie, … Read more

Michy Reacts To Claims That NAM1 Gave Her Money To Fix Her Breasts – Video


Michy has been Slapped with a lot of things this week. Dirty allegations from sleeping with NAM1 just to get a photo for blackmail to taking an undisclosed amount of money to fix her fallen b**bs and even travelling to Nigeria for a prostitution tour, she has suffered. We never heard a word from Michy … Read more

Michy Dragged Through the Gutters by Magdalene – Reveals List of Men and Women She Cheated on Shatta With

shatta michy magdalene

Shatta Michy must be hot at the moment because the secrets being dropped about her are enough to cause a nuclear explosion. Shatta Wale’s alleged cousin/lover, Magdalene Love aka Magluv has taken it on herself to destroy Shatta Michy’s reputation; that is if she even had one to begin with. Magluv is pissed off at … Read more

Michy And Hajia4Reall Went On A Prostitution Tour In Nigeria – Shatta Wale’s Cousin Drops Video Evidence


Magdalene Love, the sweet cousin of Shatta Wale, has alleged that Michy and Hajia4Real once went on a prostitution tour in Nigeria. This tour, according to Maglove, happened at the blind side of Shatta Wale when Michy was in a serious relationship with him and it was fully funded by NAM1, CEO of defunct company Menzgold. She … Read more

Shatta Wale and Alleged Cousin-Lover Unfollow Each Other

shatta wale cousin

Shatta Wale and his lovely alleged cousin and lover Magdalene Love seem like they’re currently done with each other. Checks on social media indicates that the two are no longer following one another. In our world, that only means one thing – they have had some sort of argument. Maybe even whatever romantic relationship they … Read more

Shatta Wale’s Beautiful Alleged Lover/Cousin Magdalene Love Gifts Him A Diamond Encrusted Rolex Watch


Shatta Wale’s so-called cousin Magdalene Love, who’s also alleged to be his sidechick, has gifted him a massive watch. Magdalene Love claims she’s bought a new rolex as a gift for the dancehall king. She shared a photo of the watch and said it’s a gift for Wale and if people see him wearing it … Read more

Shatta Wale’s Cousin Magdalene Responds To Ayisha Modi – Says She’s A Lesbian Plus More


Magdalene, the supposed cousin of dancehall musician Shatta Wale who is allegedly warming his bed has responded to Ayisha Modi’s claims. READ ALSO: Meet Magdalene — The ‘FINE’ Cousin Shatta Wale Is Allegedly Bonking Low Key – PHOTOS Magdalene was dragged into the fracas between Shatta Wale and Ayisha Modi yesterday and she was accused … Read more

SCREENSHOTS: ‘Shameless Ashawo, Keep Quiet Because You Don’t Know How to Lie’ — Facebook Users Tear Shatta Wale’s ‘Sister-Girlfriend’, Magdalene Love Apart


‘Remember that whatever you do in the darkness, never think it’s a secret because there is no secret on earth, ‘it’s just a piece of delayed information and no matter how long it takes, one day it will be revealed.’

A typical example is what we are seeing concerning Pope Skinny and his former friend, Shatta Wale aka Gbee Naabu. They have been exposing their a$$e$ for almost two weeks now.

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SCREENSHOT: Pope Skinny’s Broke A$$ Exposed By Shatta Wale’s Acclaimed Sister, Magdalene Love — Check


The trending news in town now is the ongoing battle between the expelled Shatta Movement member, Pope Skinny aka Asuoden God and the headliner of the group, Shatta Wale which has resulted in the two of them exposing their dirty secrets on social media.

Some few hours ago, the radio presenter cum rapper, Pope Skinny in one of his revelations made it known that Shatta Wale has been hammering Magdalene Love, the same girl that he, Wale says he is her cousin.

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