If the Whites Hadn’t Stolen All Of Africa’s Resources We Would Not Be Migrating to their Countries — Mario Balotelli


Ghanaian born Italian footballer, Mario Balotelli, has dissected what he believes to be the main problem with Africa that is driving migration to European countries — the centuries of rape and pillaging of our resources carried out by those same Europeans.

Mario, who plays for Italy, faces racism on an almost daily basis and has to deal with politicians demonizing migrants to Europe.

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Kanye West Is A Brainwashed Idiot — Mario Balotelli Slams U.S Rapper For Slavery Comments


Ghanaian born Italian football player Mario Balotelli of course is no stranger to controversy himself but even he cannot fathom what is happening to rap icon Kanye West.
West in recent days has been making some very questionable claims, one especially centred around him describing African Americans staying enslaved for 400 years as a ‘choice’.

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Sulley Muntari Walks Off The Pitch After Suffering Racial Abuse In Italy



Former Black Stars midfielder Sulley Ali Muntari became the latest black player to suffer racial abuse in Italy after fans of Cagliari directed chants at him.

Muntari was turning out for his side Pescara against Cagliari at the latter’s Stadio Sant’Elia when the home fans started chanting at Muntari.

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Mario Balotelli Says Joining Liverpool Was The Worst Decision Of His Life


OGC Nice’s brand new striker Mario Balotelli has spoken out on his rotten few years as a player of Liverpool FC in England.
Mario, one of football’s truest nomads, joined French side Nice on a free transfer at the end of the last transfer window, with his Liverpool adventure brought to an ignominious end.

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Mario Balotelli Joins French Club OGC Nice On A Free Transfer


Looks like stubbornness off the pitch and indolence on it doesn’t pay at all.
Balotelli at this point has been given a third, fourth and fifth chance by the big clubs, and his attitude has always let him down. It’s become bad to the point that he had to be farmed all across the continent, and no club was willing to take him but a mid table French side on the last day of the window.

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Mario Balotelli Says Choosing To Play For Ghana Was ‘Never Going To Happen’


The Barwuah brothers
The Barwuah brothers

Mario Balotelli says that when it came time to choose where to commit his international career to, it was never a choice.
Balotelli chose to play for the land of his adoptive parents when he turned 18 and received his Italian passport. At the time, there was significant clamouring for him to represent the country of his birth parents.

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PHOTO: Mario Balotelli Takes A Selfie With Pope Francis


Well, not really; he took a selfie standing quite some distance behind the pope.
The Italian club A.C Milan, who counts amongst their squad members Balotelli and Kevin-Prince Boateng, paid a visit to the Pope in Rome Friday, ahead of the side’s Italian Cup final game against Kwadwo Asamoah’s Juventus on Saturday.

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Mario Balotelli’s Biological Father Says An FA Official Asked For Money To Invite His Other Son Enoch To The Black Stars


Enoch Barwuah (l) with brother Mario
Enoch Barwuah (l) with brother Mario

More allegations of bribery influencing the selection process into the Black Stars surfaced Friday when the biological father of Mario Barwuah Balotelli told a local radio station than an FA official had made a bribery demand of him.
According to Thoman Barwuah, the unnamed official asked him to pay money to grant his other footballer son, Enoch Barwuah, access into the Black Stars, and also for the official to manage him.

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When Mario Calls You Crazy! Football Fan Tattoos Balotelli’s Name And Number On His Back


Mario'Barwuah' Balotelli
Mario ‘Barwuah’ Balotelli

When you think of footballers and the word crazy, a few names come to mind. Eric Cantona is one, Paolo Di Canio is another, Diego Maradona had his days.
But these are all players of time past; in recent years, it is unanimously accepted that Mario Balotelli has  taken over that mantle.

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Muntari Thinks International Talent Like Balotelli And Welbeck Might Have Avoided The Black Stars Because We Do Not Treat Our Players Well

Sulley Muntari
Sulley Muntari

I don’t know where exactly Muntari is getting this from, because whilst many players can claim they weren’t treated well, his problems has mainly been his doing.

The new Al-Ittihad midfielder told Starr that he believes the ill-treatment we mete out to our players might have lost us some top class talent in the past.

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AC Milan Accepts Liverpool’s £16 Million Liverpool Bid for Mario Balotelli

Mario Balloteli
Mario Balloteli

With the transfer window still opened, many football fans are keen to see who is going where for the next season. It has emerged today that, Liverpool placed a £16million bid which has been accepted by AC Milan for Italy striker Mario Balotelli, 24.

Balotelli has been offered £90,000-a-week to move to Anfield and the transfer is nearly complete, subject to personal terms.

Last month, Brendan Rodgers said Liverpool was not going to sign the errant Italy striker but it seems the team has had a change of heart.

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‘I Want a Kiss from the Queen If I Keep England’s World Cup Hopes Alive’ Says Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli is at it again—and this time, the Italian striker knows he has an upper hand over the English people and as such have made a cheeky proposal that if he scores to keep England’s World Cup 2014 dream alive with victory over Costa Rica, the Queen must kiss him… Last night’s England defeat … Read more

PHOTO: Check Out My Weird Haircut ‘Says’ Mario Balotelli

To many people including Mario Balotelli, the beauty and essence of freedom of expression does not only rest with words—-it extents to how freely one can express himself through weird haircuts and tattoos… Known for his excellent football skills, Balotelli continues to showcase his uniqueness through several artistic haircuts. And today, he shared a photo … Read more

Is This Guy For Real? Mario Balotelli Did Not Show Up For A Meeting With Italian Minister, Rather Opted To Sleep

Cecile Kyenge, the Italian Minister for Integration who was eager to hear Mario Balotelli’s no nonsense views on racism invited the football star and others for a meeting, and she might have been disappointed as Mario failed to show up—he rather opted to sleep. Is this guy for real at all? According to UK Metro; … Read more

OBS: Mario Balotelli’s Ex Sues Mario’s Parents

Mario Balotelli’s ex-girlfriend-Raffaella Fico has sued Mario’s adoptive parents after they accused her of “cashing in and exploiting” their football star son. According to UK Sun; Underwear model Raffaella Fico, 25, filed the action against Franco and Silvia Balotelli in Milan, where the striker now plays. She and ex-Man City ace Balo, 22, split last … Read more

Mario Balotelli Engages Girlfriend With A £100,000 Diamond Ring When He Has Refused To Help His Mother Who Works As A Cleaner

So Mario ‘Barwuah’ Balotelli has refused to help his mother who earns £6 an hour working as a cleaner in Italy and has rather thrown £100,000 on his girlfriend-Fanny Negeusha’s finger? It wouldn’t be that bad if this girl will be with him for long—-we all know how these people roll, she will disappear soon.. Read … Read more

Mario Balotelli Says He Will Follow Kevin-Prince Boateng’s Footsteps & Walk Off Pitch Next Time He’s Racially Abused

Kevin-Prince Boateng walked off  the pitch during a friendly match in January when he was racially abused. Following the recent racial abuse towards him during Serie A encounter between AC Milan and Roma at San Siro, Mario Balotelli has stated that he will follow Kevin-Prince Boateng’s steps and walk off the pitch if he is … Read more

Mario Balotelli Fined For Smoking On A Train…

Surely this guy needs help…It is not funny anymore! BBC Reports; AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli has been caught smoking in a train toilet during the team’s trip to Florence. The latest in a catalogue of incidents involving Balotelli saw the 22-year-old Italian reprimanded by a train guard. Smoking is banned on Italian trains and … Read more

PHOTOS: Mario Balotelli Kissing & Cuddling With New Girlfriend-Fanny Robert Neguesh During AC Milan & Barcelona Match

When AC Milan was making a ‘fool’ out of  Barcelona courtesy of Ghanaian players Sulley Muntari and Kevin-Prince Boateng on Wednesday night, badboy footballer-Mario Balotelli, 22, was seated in the crowd kissing and cuddling with his new girlfriend-Fanny Robert Neguesh. The intensity of the football could not even stop Mario Balotelli from staring at his Belgian … Read more

OBS: Mario Balotelli Left Heartbroken After Playboy Model Girlfriend ‘Tabby Brown’ Dumped Him For Trey Songz

Tabby Brown
Tabby Brown

Whoever told you that the bad boys do not get broken heart lied to you. Some men are good at jumping from one woman to another without caring about how these women feel.

For these men, they think they have lion hearts and have no permanent feeling for any woman. But when they meet a woman that softens that lion heart and follows it up with a break-up, they go nuts…

This is exactly what has happened to Mario Balotteli who has in the past ditched the likes of former hooker Jenny Thompson, glamour model Holly Henderson and reality star Khloe Evans.

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He’s enjoyed more than his fair share of romantic liaisons with a whole host of beautiful women.

But it would seem the tables have been turned on Mario Balotelli for once, with the 22-year-old footballer having had his heart broken by girlfriend Tabby Brown.

The Playboy model is said to have grown tired of the lack of attention she received from the Manchester City striker, and has since ran into the arms of R&B star Trey Songz, 28.

And rather than take the end of the romance on the chin, the fiery Italian is said to have got ‘angry and upset’ with his former flame.

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Mario Balotelli’s Model Sister-Abigail Barwuah Is Pregnant For Nigerian Footballer-Obafemi Martins

Abigail Barwuah, a biological sister of the controversial Ghanaian footballer-Mario Balotelli may not be a star at our side of the pond but in Italy where she models for some of the top brands, she a hot cake. Abigail Barwuah who has been dating Obafemi Martins, a Nigerian footballer for some months now is reported to be carrying his … Read more

OBS: Mario Balotelli 'Delighted' At Becoming Father For The First Time As His Ex Gives Birth To Baby Girl Named Pia

Mario Balotelli’s relationship with ex-girlfriend Raffaella Fico has been fairly tumultuous over the past nine months but bad boy Balotelli, preparing for the Manchester derby this Sunday, is said to be ‘delighted’ after becoming a father for the first time after she gave birth to a baby girl. Little Pia had been due on Christmas Day but was born just … Read more

OBS: Mario Balotelli ‘Delighted’ At Becoming Father For The First Time As His Ex Gives Birth To Baby Girl Named Pia

Mario Balotelli’s relationship with ex-girlfriend Raffaella Fico has been fairly tumultuous over the past nine months but bad boy Balotelli, preparing for the Manchester derby this Sunday, is said to be ‘delighted’ after becoming a father for the first time after she gave birth to a baby girl. Little Pia had been due on Christmas Day but was born just … Read more

I Had An Affair With Mario Balotelli – Waitress…SO WHAT?

Am I the only one who finds it absurd that the moment a star is made and the money starts coming in, dozens of girlfriends and one night standers show up to tell their stories?
What is even there to tell? They always manage to find something to say.  I do know some of these so called girlfriends are just out there to cash in.
Balotelli seems to be the new money making machine for some women, selling their affair with him stories to newspapers for cash.
What happened to decency and privacy of relationships? You had an affair with someone and so what?
This is why when I win the Euro millions, I will keep the winning a secret…I don’t want some false girlfriends trying to cash-in on me…LOL
Would you ever be able to sell a story of your affair with a boyfriend or girlfriend to tabloids to make some quick bucks?
Read below for what Balotelli’s teenage lover is selling…
He was recently pictured holding hands with a mystery woman at the Euro 2012 championships just weeks after he split from pregnant girlfriend Raffaella Fico.
But now Mario Balotelli’s teenage lover has come forward to reveal the secrets of their 18-month affair, and has claimed the Manchester City ace was dating both women at the same time.

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The £120,000-A-Week Football Star's Mother Who Earns £6 An Hour: Mario Balotelli's Mum Is Cleaner At Car Lease Firm

I knew a story like the one below was going to pop up soon. You know what, I am not going to say much, just read what the UK’s Daily Mail wrote and let us know what you think… Balotelli is not a goddam Jesus Christ, oh Aba!  What if she wants to work? She looks … Read more

PHOTOS + The Mario Balotelli & The Barwuah Family Saga, Who Is Telling The Truth?

Abigail Barwuah-Mario's sister
Abigail Barwuah-Mario’s sister

This story of ‘father abandoning child or not taking care of child’ brings back into mind the Michael Essien and Dad issue. I hope that one has been finally settled…
Even if I were Mario, I would have found it difficult to accept the explanation the Barwuah family is giving no matter how convincing it sounds.
I would prefer to die with my own family than to be given out to another family…Why did they even have a child in the first place if they did not have the means to take care of the child?
Anyway, after reading the below piece, I would love to hear what you think….If you were Mario, who would you love more? The family who took you in even though you were under death alert or the one which was so scared to the extent that they gave you away? I hope you choose the former!
Inside Thomas and Rose Barwuah’s third-floor council flat above a row of shops in Bagnolo Mella, on the outskirts of Brescia in northern Italy, photographs of their family adorn the walls.
There are pictures of their four children — Abigail, 22, Mario, 19, Enoch, 17, and Angel, 11. But it is Mario who takes centre stage. There are photos of him as a baby and then a toddler growing up in the Sicilian city of Palermo, kicking a football, in a suit at a family party and play-fighting with brother Enoch as Rose looks on.
But Mario is no longer a Barwuah. He has taken the surname of his adopted family, Balotelli. The toddler has grown up into an Inter Milan striker and Champions League winner valued at around £29million.
The player they call ‘Super Mario’ claims his natural parents abandoned him when he was two years old. The grainy images in the Barwuahs’ humble flat in Bagnolo Mella, a sleepy town of terracotta buildings, haphazard cobbled streets and a population of just 13,000, are therefore the only connection they have with their eldest son.
Mr Barwuah picks up a picture of a three-year-old Mario holding a football. It was taken at a friend’s home in Vicenza, a 90-minute drive from Bagnolo Mella.
‘Mario had spent hours playing football in the rain,’ said Mr Barwuah. ‘When the boys came in they were soaked but they were laughing and joking despite being wet. My friend said to Mario, “You really are Super Mario”. It’s the name we gave him.’

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