Gym Instructor Killed at Tantra Hills


A gym instructor at Tantra Hills in Ghana has been shot dead by hired thugs for chasing a married woman. The gym instructor, Identified as Little, was reportedly killed in the early hours of Thursday morning. According to reports, Little was taking advantage of his gym to sleep around with rich women in Tantra Hills … Read more

Married Woman Begs Her Husband to Accept Her Pregnancy After Chopping Her Married Pastor and Getting ‘Belle’ for Him


No matter how many nefarious activities of some men of God are exposed, some people, ladies especially, continue to let themselves be deceived in the name of God. Become a pastor and you can practically convince your followers to do anything, including apparently convincing married ladies to sleep with you and starve their husbands of … Read more

Angry Married Woman Pastes Photos Of Her Husband’s Side-chick On The Streets Warning Her To Stay Away From Him


When persuasion fails, force must be applied ─ and this is that case of an angry married woman who has tried all her best to stop a young lady from ‘chopping’ her husband but to no avail.

In a photo sighted by on the Facebook page of Peace FM’s Kwasi Aboagye, the married woman out of anger has pasted the photo of her husband’s alleged side-chick with a strict warning as well as shaming her publicly to stay away from the husband.

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