‘I Won’t F#ck You Hard And I Will Use A Condom’— Pastor In Deep Trouble After His Chat With Female Youth Leader Drops— Screenshots


What a time to be alive! It is way too hard to trust these men of God as it stands and whenever you give yourself another reason to believe they have been indeed called by God to propagate the gospel, something equally appalling happens. READ ALSO: Sarkodie Is An Arrogant Prick, Every Bad Thing You … Read more

Weird Photos That Proves Christianity In Africa Is Overly Practised And Exaggerated

It is evidently clear that Christianity in Africa is overly practised and exaggerated to the extent that even the white man who introduced Christianity to Africans will sometimes wonder if that is really what they introduced.
Most Self-acclaimed ‘Men of God’ have enriched themselves through Christianity leaving their followers–the poor people who made them rich believe they are serving God.

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The Gospel of Ghanaian “MEN OF GOD” | Fellowship Has Lost Its REAL Value



I could not tell the number God dialled to call these men of God and I am in no hurry to shove my sinful self to hell by bearing false witness. The emergence of men of God in to the Ghanaian society has not been a subject of utmost subtlety but for the obvious fear of being branded an anti- Christ of a sort, voices have been unwillingly shut to avoid any untoward aftermath.

The intrinsic motive behind fellowshipping these days in a Christian outfit stands to be questioned at all angles. How we got to this point in our lives I cannot begin to fathom because it is as if we woke up one day and it was this point in our lives.

I grew up in a home where attending church was as mandatory as the “smoking cause’s lung cancer” messages spread on a cigarette pack. Who could even ignore the ever chiming siren of the Presbyterian Church which though was calm was riveting enough to bring one’s marrows to full glee?

And one could tell just by the way the congregation related that there is love and solidarity. Unfortunately I cannot say that for the churches that are roaming in the streets of the country. Where there is a colossal gap between the rich and the poor due to the holier than thou nature of our so called pastors.

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