Mensa Otabil Decries Loose Reaction To Power Outages


Mensa Otabil
Mensa Otabil

Have we all not been dreading this dumsor?
The thought of returning home to darkness is not something that would leave one orgasmic—it is a rather incongruous situation and as a nation we have been forced to get comfortable with it, after all what cannot be changed must be endured. You either get your generator or zip it and suffer in silence.

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Mensa and WanLov Da Kubolor: What is Wrong with Photo?

Trust the FOKN Bois to come out with a lot of controversy and since we saw their music video-‘Se*ing Islamic Girls, we’ve feared that a group of people will find that video and their antics offense. But this has not stopped Mensa and WanLov Da Kubolor for splashing more controversy over the heads. Looking at … Read more

TWEET Of THE DAY: Wanlov Da Kubolor & Mensa

  In any over saturated industry like our African entertainment industry, ones ability to stay relevant depends on the conscious effort the person makes to inject controversy in his/her appearance and public dealings. Over the years, the FOKN Bois have understood the scheme perfectly; though occasionally have achieved unforeseeable and non-intended results.

VIDEO: Are These Guys Normal? FOKN Bois Out With Public Service Announcement!

About a week ago, I bumped into the two controversial silly Ghanaian musicians-Wanlov Da Kubolor & M3nsa (FOKN Bois) in East London (at Kenkey House-Leyton) and I can attest that, they looked sane. Therefore pleading insanity for their recent public service announcement video below will not work… If these guys are not insane,what are they … Read more

New Music: FOKN BOIS-WanLov & M3nsa Say D-Black Is The Worst Rapper In Ghana And Becca Is The Worst Singer With Efya Being The Best…Do You Agree?

From ‘Sexin Islamic Girls‘ to ‘Thank God That We Are Not Nigerians‘, the controversial musicial duo-FOKN BOIS (made up of Wanlov Da Kubolor and M3nsa) has released another provocative song and this time, they’ve taken a hit at some Ghanaian musicians… In their new single-‘What U Dey Fear‘, the two musical outcast freely aired their … Read more

The World Dances To DJ Black & FOKN Bois At Moers Music Festival

blankThe 41st Moers International Jazz festival organized by Music Meeting saw the current New York scene represented again starting with Andrew D’Angelo and his DNA Big Band; there were some interesting contributions from all over Europe, the dance and concert sensation of Latin America in the form of the Afro-Cuban All Stars.
The new “African Dance Nights” at Bollwerk and the “Heimatabend” with Helge Schneider on the fourth day of the festival.
A total of four fringe projects complement the main programme, taking the festival out of the festival tent and into venues all round the town. The “morning sessions”, curated this year by Achim Tang, the “night sessions”, a celebration of Cologne’s new generation of jazz musicians, and the “concerts in the dark”, whose theme this year was “hidden currents”, the  moers festival 2012 featured two new “African Dance Nights” on Saturday 27th May and Sunday28th May, where young DJs  and musicians from Ghana and Kenya present the music currently being played in the clubs of the African metropolises: raw, up to date and very danceable.

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New Music Video: ‘Fante Love Song’ By M3nsa

Ghana’s legendary MC/Producer/Songwriter and 2010 MOBO Nominee-M3nsa, also a member of the infamous notorious  group FOKN Bois has released a video for his latest single ‘Fante Love Song’… ‘Fanti Love Song’  is from his latest album ‘No.1 Mango Street’  . In the video, M3NSA dreamingly skates around the streets of New York on an important mission. Not feeling the … Read more

Comic Relief, New Music: Thank God We’re NOT A Nigerians By Wanlov & Mensa

  These guys call themselves ‘FOKN BOIS’ and they are the craziest you can find in Africa. If you do not meet Wanlov Da Kubolor strolling the streets of Accra in his skirt on barefoot, you will meet him playing some ‘chaskeley’ with the area boys… Sometimes I am even feel bad these guys went to … Read more