Former Miss Ghana Giuseppina Baafi Rubbishes Story Alleging that She Has a Baby with Black Stars Midfielder Thomas Partey


There was a story a week or so ago on one of the many z-list blogs making claim to the fact that Ms Guiseppina Baafi, the 2013 winner of the Miss Ghana pageant, was the mother to a baby fathered by Atletico Madrid and Black Stars midfielder Thomas Teye Partey.

The story sprung up after Partey was spotted holding in hand a baby, leading to some desperate for traffic blogs to fabricate the claim against Giuseppina.

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Miss Ghana 2013 Winner-Guissepina Baafi to Sue Inna Patty & Exclusive Events Ghana

Miss Ghana 2013 (1)


I do not know the grounds on which her lawsuit will be but resigned/stripped off Miss Ghana 2013-Guissepina Baafi is ready to take Inna Patty and her Exclusive Events Ghana on, and if they don’t do as she wants, she intends to drag their butts into the court room.

Probably, she can hold a case in defamation (both libel and slander) for false statement of fact published by Inna Patty and Exclusive Events Ghana about her person which has lowered her “in the estimation of right-thinking members of society.”

Even beyond that, she could have a claim in Contract Law if there have been any repudiation or breach of contract. And she also says, she intends to go for injunction against Exclusive Events Ghana to prohibit them from searching for a new Queen which will halt Ghana’s participation in the 2014 Miss World competition. I am not sure what her grounds for injunction will be too…

But before Guissepina Baafi hits the court to take the organizers of Miss Ghana on, she is first seeking for out of court settlement—and all she wants is for Inna Patty and Exclusive Events Ghana to come out retract the official statement as well as retract some of the comments passed by the organizers on different media platforms regarding the reasons why they claim to have stripped her off, Razz Newspaper reports….

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VIDEO: Miss Ghana Scandal | Security Guard at the Miss Ghana House Narrates How Inna Patty’s Mother-Assaulted Miss Ghana 2013 Winner- Guiseppine Baafi

Inna Patty and her Exclusive Events have refuted claims that Inna Patty’s mother recently went to the official residence of Miss Ghana, where the winner- Guiseppine Baafi was staying at the time to physical assault her over the winner’s refusal to sign a new unfavourable contract that was presented to her. Inna Patty was on … Read more

Ghana Should Not Go to the 2014 Miss World | We’ve Already Lost the Race to Incompetence

Miss Ghana 2013
Miss Ghana Wahala

The last two months have seen the rapid spread and growth in details of the 2013 Miss Ghana scandal, despite the many attempts by the organizers-Exclusive Events Ghana to steal from us the truth in order to protect their image and their investment…

The greatest conundrum we are faced with today in relation to the Miss Ghana beauty pageant is either to cover things up as the organizers seek to do, in order to safeguard their investments and brand or stand up with those young beautiful girls who for many years have been exploited, tricked, abused, undermined, oppressed, deceived and cheated in the world of pageants.

As a person who would not hesitate in sticking out my last finger for justice and fight alongside the ‘small’ against corporations, organisations and institutional injustices, I have decided to side with these young girls who are still under intimidation not to disclose some of the “high shocking” enterprises Exclusive Events Ghana (organizers of Miss Ghana) pushed them through before they were forced by their own values to resign.

Let me make it clear before people start with their farfetched speculations which will be that; I somewhat hate Exclusive Events Ghana or Beauty Pageants in general. I’ve been the greatest or one of the greatest supporters of Exclusive Events Ghana on the internet; from the very day they took over the franchise to organize Miss Ghana.

Even when they’ve refused to honour certain basic promises on a contract they entered with GhanaCelebrities.Com to help them with their campaigns, I still overlooked at this and continued to support their good cause—hoping they would erect a wall of reason and fairness around Miss Ghana, to help the pageant regain its lost value. More importantly, so that contestants/winners will be fairly treated and with respect…

Therefore, I do not have anything personal against the organizers of Miss Ghana as I’ve been told the CEO and the COO have started whispering into the air—-but to be frank, I hate to hear people call Miss Ghana and other beauty pageants in Ghana “undercover prostitution rings”. That hurts as a Ghanaian and more so, as a Ghanaian entertainment writer/journalist/blogger.

Then again, what should be the reasonable speculation of people when young girls are requested to go around (visit as many as 50 companies per week) to solicit for money on their own, without any put together plan or outline for them. It seems like what some people really care about is the money and not how these girls acquire the money.

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MUST Listen to AUDIO: Update on the Miss Ghana Scandal | Inna Patty FINALLY SPEAKS But She is Beating All About the Bush

Miss Ghana 2013-Baafi Guiseppine
Miss Ghana 2013-Baafi Guiseppine

16:50 GMT

As the conversation went on, the resigned Miss Ghana 2013 winner– Guiseppine Baafi’s brother called into the show to challenge Inna Patty on the credibility of her stories. He also stated that, Inna Patty abused Miss Ghana 2013 winner– Guiseppine Baafi.

Just after Guiseppine Baafi’s brother called, the 1st runner-up- Margaret Kuma Mintah called to blast Inna Patty and the Miss Ghana brand, stating that, they raised some monies which they were promised percentages, but Inna Patty and her company did not give them anything.

She disclosed more, saying, they were asked to visit 10 companies a day, a total of 50 companies a week—seeking/begging for funds.

Margaret Kuma Mintah said, they were told to raise some money during the pageant, which serves as a fast track to entering top 10 of the pageant.

(Listen to this in Audio No. 3)


Personally, I admired Inna Patty’s efforts to take the Miss Ghana brand to the next stage and I have supported in my little way the Miss Ghana brand throughout, but to be frank, she has become more of a disappointment than the inspiration—I sort of expected her to be.

After refusing to grant any interviews and requesting that her COO-Samuel Bokorvie handle all the questions being thrown at the Miss Ghana brand, following the resignations of the 2013 Miss Ghana winner- Guiseppine Baafi, the first runner-up- Margaret Kuma Mintah and the second runner-up- Crystal Selorm Amudzi, Inna Patty has FINALLY decided to speak but with a lot of dust being thrown into the public eyes.

Speaking on PeaceFm’s Entertainment Review hosted by Kwasi Aboagye this afternoon, Inna Patty could not answer simple questions such as; did Miss Ghana 2013 winner– Guiseppine Baafi resign and why. Answering this simple question, she went on a long gallivanting with words—strictly beating about the bush.

Accepting that all the 3 winners of the 2013 Miss Ghana have resigned, Exclusive Events Ghana’s COO-Samuel Bokorvie tried as much as possible to throw cold water on the fire, suggesting that, things are not as bad as being portrayed. And he did a lot of damage to the Miss Ghana brand too, with his contradictory stories.

Interestingly, both Inna Patty and Samuel Bokorvie attempted once again to tell what seems like a well-rehearsed story about the alleged ‘FIGHT’ between Inna Patty’s mother and the Miss Ghana winner- Guiseppine Baafi.

But here again, they were pushed to the wall by the presenter with his direct questions which exposed the fact that, they were hiding something—probably, something dirty or something they just don’t want us to know, the truth.

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Miss Ghana 2013-Miss Giuseppina Baafi RESIGNED & The Reasons Are SHOCKING…

Miss Ghana 2013-Miss Giuseppina Baafi
Miss Ghana 2013-Miss Giuseppina Baafi

I was quick to point out yesterday that something was not RIGHT after reading the statement issued by Exclusive Events Ghana (organizers of Miss Ghana), suggesting that they have somewhat stripped or kicked out Miss Ghana 2013-Miss Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi for misconduct and unacceptable behaviour.

Just as I pointed out in my article “Somebody is Definitely Lying: Did Miss Ghana 2013- Baafi Guiseppine Get ‘KICKED OUT’ Or Did She RESIGN? | Evaluating the Statementthat the statement contradicts itself—and somebody is trying to throw dust into our eyes,Miss Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi has sent out a tweet which suggests that, the organizers of Miss Ghana are bitter and are throwing out lies to destroy her person (See tweet above).

After speaking to sources close to Miss Ghana 2013-Miss Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi today, GhanaCelebrities.Com has learnt that, Miss Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi RESIGNED and she was not in any way sacked or stripped off. Unless we want to be told that, once a person has resigned, the same person can be sacked—thereafter.

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PHOTOS + Miss Ghana 2013-Giuseppina Baafi Signs Up to ‘Protect The Goal’ Campaign



The reigning Miss Ghana, Giuseppina Baafi, has joined the list of known Ghanaian faces who have signed up to the UNAIDS’ ‘Protect the Goal’ campaign.

Miss Baafi, who jointly performed the exercise with the Chairwoman of the Miss Ghana organization, Inna Maryam Patty, pledged her commitment to the campaign, at a short session in Accra.

The Ptg seeks to among other things, to ensure an HIV-AIDS free society.

It is a joint campaign between UNAIDS and the world football governing body, FIFA, to advocate for the prevention of HIV infection through sports.

In Ghana, the campaign is being done jointly by the UNAIDS office, the Ghana Football Association, and the National Youth Authority.

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PHOTOS + Miss Ghana 2013 Giuseppina Baafi Donates To Countryside Orphanage

Miss Ghana 2013 Giuseppina Baafi Donates To Countryside Orphanage (20)

Miss Ghana 2013 Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi has donated items worth thousands of Ghana Cedis to the Countryside Orphanage, located at Bawjease in the Central Region.

Miss Baafi, who was accompanied on the trip by her 2nd Runner Up Crystal Selorm Amudzi, and some officials from the Miss Ghana office, donated toiletries, confectionaries, candies, and clothes among other items to the institution.

The reigning queen was celebrating her 23rd birthday, and used the occasion to reach out to the orphans.

The presentation ceremony had in attendance both young and old inmates of the orphanage, some of who had very touching life stories to tell.

“You all here were born to be great,” Baafi told them. “I have no doubt you will succeed in life, just as I have been told stories of how some of you have even gone on to achieve excellence in your various educational institutions.

“This is just the beginning; there are far greater accomplishments ahead of you, and I know you will grow to become responsible citizens of this nation.”

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PHOTOS + Miss Ghana Winners Visit Hair Senta

All three winners of the 2013 edition of the Miss Ghana pageant have paid a day’s visit to the offices of Accra-based high-end hair company Hair Senta. The three winners including Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi, Margaret Kuma Mintah and Selorm Amudzi took a day off their tight working schedule as queens, and lead heads of … Read more

PHOTOS: Miss Ghana Winners Tour Eurostar

Winners of the 2013 edition of the Miss Ghana pageant have toured the offices of leading luxury car rental company Eurostar. An Inna Maryam Patty-led team from Exclusive Events Ghana, organizers of the pageant, accompanied them to pay a day’s courtesy call on officials of the company. The Miss Ghana team were taken round the … Read more

MISS GHANA 2013: Kwabena Kwabena, Sherifa Gunu & Steve Bedi To Rock Miss Ghana/Miss World Charity Ball Tomorrow

Miss Ghana Ball

Three of Ghana’s finest musicians Kwabena Kwabena, Sherifa Gunu and Saxophonist Steve Bedi will perform at the finals of the 2013 Miss Ghana/Miss World Charity Ball Finals.

The State Banquet Hall venue will come alive tomorrow Saturday July 20, as they take to the stage to show off the fine talents they are made of.

Headlined by Kwabena Kwabena, who is giving away free copies of his Daakye album to every single ticket holder on the night, the three are expected to put up excellent performers to give patrons their monies worth.

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MISS GHANA 2013: PHOTOS + Miss Ghana 2013 Finalists Show Their Culinary Skills

If you think that the finalists of Miss Ghana 2013 are only beautiful and brainy, so they cannot cook, then you got it all wrong. The 20 contestants showed their culinary skills at the Rawlings Park in Accra during an event organized and sponsored by ONGA. The finalists were divided into groups to compete each … Read more

MISS GHANA 2013: PHOTOS + 2nd Edition of Miss Ghana Street Fashion Show Held

Fashion has been an integral part of the Miss Ghana beauty pageant. In 2012, the new franchise owners headed by former Miss Ghana-Inna Patty introduced the Street Fashion Show. Last Sunday the second edition of the Miss Ghana Street Fashion Show for 2013 was held at Unique Floral Gardens inside the Trade Fair Centre in … Read more

MISS GHANA 2013: Ghana Hosts Miss World 2012 And Team In Accra For Miss Ghana Finals On July 20

Miss World 2012 Wenxia Yu

Barely a year after hosting Miss World 2011 Ivian Sarcos and the Miss World team in Accra, Ghana gets to once again host another delegation from the world’s most prestigious beauty pageant franchise.

Chairwoman of the Miss World organization, Julia Morley will lead an eight-member team including Miss World 2012 WenXia Yu, on a week’s visit to Ghana.

The team will arrive in Ghana on Monday July 15 and will leave on July 21, a day after the finals of the Miss Ghana pageant at the Banquet Hall.

They would be in Ghana to support the Miss Ghana Foundation’s charity projects in Northern Ghana, which includes construction of boreholes at the Nabuli and Leili Witch Camps.

They will also lend a hand to the Foundation’s infant maternal mortality projects nationwide, visiting the fourth floor of the maternity block of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, which the Miss Ghana Foundation is raising funds to renovate.

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MISS GHANA 2013: Playwright Uncle Ebo talks Faith, Love & Service To Mankind With Miss Ghana 2013 Finalists

For the second time in two editions, celebrated Playwright and motivational/leadership coach Uncle Ebo Whyte has met with contestants of the Miss Ghana pageant. Last Weekend, at the A-Plus Hotel in Accra, Mr Ebo Whyte engaged the 2013 finalists in a thought-provoking session on faith, love and service to mankind. The meeting comes barely a … Read more

MISS GHANA 2013: Photos + Benita Okiti-Duah and Past Miss Ghana Queens Meet 2013 Contestants

Past Miss Ghana Queens Meet 2013 Contestants (2)

The Deputy Minister for Children, Gender and Social Protection and Miss Ghana 1997 winner, Hon. Benita Okiti-Duah, has met with all twenty finalists of the 2013 edition.

Together with other queens including Miss Ghana 1995, Manuela Medie and Efia Owusuwaa Marfo, Miss Ghana 1998, as well as Mimi Areme, Miss Ghana 2009; they took the contestants through a thought-provoking session on what the Miss Ghana brand stands for and how to enhance their respective career aspirations.

The queens met over lunch at the Hinlone Restaurant in Accra last weekend, to share ideas and also pick up notes from each other.

The past queens also took the contestants through some of the challenges and obligations that come with being part of the pageant, and why it such a strong pro-development tool.

At the heart of the three-hour session was the call by the past queens to the contestants to see the platform as one that enables them to positively affect their immediate communities.

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PHOTOS: Miss Ghana 2012-Naa Okailey Shooter In USA

Miss Ghana 2012 Naa Okailey Shooter is currently on holidays in the United States of America for a break well deserved. Miss Shooter, who helped out as guest-judge at the 2013 Miss Ghana auditions, has been cooling off, touring some sites and has so far met some wonderful people. The much-needed personal holidays is also … Read more

Meet The 20 Beauties Who Have Qualified For Miss Ghana 2013 Pageant | Who Do You Think Deserves To Be A QUEEN?

Twenty young, bold, beautiful, eloquent and purpose-driven Ghanaian ladies have been selected as finalists for this year’s Miss Ghana pageant. All twenty, made it to the finals after going through a successful makeover and photo shoot session held in Accra last weekend. The session, wholly managed by the FC Skin and Beauty Klinik and Professional … Read more

MISS GHANA 2013: Miss Ghana 2013 Auditions End! 30 Through To Next Stage

Thirty bold, beautiful, and intelligent ladies are through to the next stage of the 2013 auditions of the Miss Ghana pageant. The thirty were carefully selected after an extensive three-day national auditions held at the Travel Xpress Hotel in Accra last weekend. Exclusive Events Ghana, the organizers say the selected thirty will be engaged in … Read more

PHOTOS + 2013 Miss Ghana Auditions Underway At Travel Express Hotel

New franchise owners and organizers of the Miss Ghana beauty pageant, Exclusive Events Ghana has started a spirited auditions in Accra for Miss Ghana 2013. Due to lack of time as preparation is underway for the past winner in the 2012 competition, Miss Naa Shooter to represent the country at the Miss World finals, the … Read more

MISS GHANA 2013: Miss Ghana 2013 Auditions On Thursday

Miss Ghana 2012
Miss Ghana 2012

The 2013 edition of the Miss Ghana beauty pageant will kick off on Thursday May 30 through to Saturday June 1.

Auditions for Ghana’s most prestigious and respected pageant will take place at the Travel Express Hotel, near Gulf House, Tetteh Quarshie Interchange, Accra.

The organizers say this year’s format of holding only one national auditions is still consistent with the general theme of taking the event closer to the doorstep of the bold, beautiful, eloquent and intelligent Ghanaian lady.

They’ve added that it has become necessary to explore the novelty due to exciting developments that has taken over this year’s event.

‘Though a slight change from last year’s format, the brand will still maintain a nationwide appeal via various activities that will take all finalists back into the other regions of Ghana and get closer to potential contestants,’ Inna Maryam Patty, C.E.O, Exclusive Events Ghana says.

‘This novelty is due to strict schedules and some exciting developments which will be communicated to you in due time.

This year’s event Miss Patty says is ‘replete with exciting packages; the concept of giving out three cars to the first three winners still holds. Miss Ghana 2013 gets to keep her car while her two runner-ups use theirs officially, for a year’.

‘Winners will still get cash rewards, products from sponsors, paid-holiday trips, internship and branding opportunities with our sponsors, donors and partners.

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PHOTOS From Miss Ghana 2012 1st Runner-Up Nadia Ntanu’s India Visit

Nadia Ntanu, Miss Ghana 2012 first runner up was recently in India, for a two-week working visit. Miss Ntanu left in the company of officials from IPMC to attend a conference by Indiasoft, a leading Indian software company. She also toured some historical sites. In a related development, audition forms for Miss Ghana 2013 is … Read more

MISS GHANA 2013: Miss Ghana 2012 Finalist Precious Kyei Bonsu To Co-Host 2013 Edition’s Reality Tv Show

Precious Kyei Bonsu
Precious Kyei Bonsu

A finalist of the Miss Ghana 2012 pageant, and winner of the Miss Photogenic award, Precious Kyei Bonsu, will co-host this year’s reality television show, the organizers have said.

Bonsu, who currently is a radio presenter, News Anchor and Assistant morning show producer at the Kumasi-based adult-friendly station, Ultimate Radio, will join GTV and Choice FM presenter Ato Turkson, for the exciting reality series, hitting mainstream local television soon.

Currently one of Kumasi’s favourite female voices on air, Bonus’s bubbly personality should effectively complement Turkson’s adroit presentation skills to give viewers a solid half hour television show.

The exciting Miss Ghana TV series will capture the pageant in it’s entirety from the May 30 to June 1 national auditions at the Travel Express Hotel, in Accra, corporate visits, the grand launch, touring of special sites, to exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, the national finals, interviews, and Vox Pops among other exciting features.

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Miss Ghana 2013 Begins On May 30!

Miss Ghana 2013 (1)

With the success it chalked in 2013 after taking over the Miss Ghana franchise from Media Whiz Kids, Exclusive Event headed by former Miss Ghana beauty queen, Miss Inna Patty in a media interaction today stated that, Miss Ghana 2013 will commence on May 30.

During last year’s event, three separate auditions were held for the wannabe queens. The 10 regions were demarcated into three Belts; the Northern Belt which was made up of Northern Region, Upper West and Upper East; the Middle Belt, which comprised of the Ashanti, Brong Ahafo and Eastern regions, and Southern Belt, which was made up of the Greater Accra, Volta, Western and Central regions.

This year, few changes have been made to the event. However, the brand will still maintain a nationwide appearance through various activities that will take all the finalists back into the other regions of Ghana to get closer to potential contestants.

According to Inna Patty, the change in the format is due to strict schedules and some exciting developments which will be made public on the day of the launch of this year’s event. She reiterated the fact that, the new changes is to make the event interesting and appealing.

The national audition in Accra will take place at Travel Express Hotel, behind the Gulf House, near the Tetteh Quarshie Interchange for three days commencing on Thursday May 30 to Saturday June 1. The auditions are expected to be grueling and competitive as usual.

Due to the schedules of the Miss World finals in Indonesia, the national event will be held in July to allow the current queen, Naa Okailey Shooter enough time to prepare and also crown her successor before the world event.

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