On Father’s Day: Mixed Race Ghanaian Celebrities We’ve Never Spotted Them With Their Fathers…Not Even in Photos

Nadia Buari
Nadia Buari

It’s obvious some of our Ghanaian Celebrities do not know their fathers—especially those whose fathers dashed in and dashed out.

For others, they’ve just tried to keep their family business out of the public eye but when it comes to the many mixed race celebrities, the question of father has become some sort of a taboo in their world.

As we celebrate father’s day, we bring you a list of the mixed race Ghanaian Celebrities we’ve never heard them talk about their fathers, seen a photo of them or don’t know the whereabouts of their fathers…

It would be interesting if any of you have some hidden info for us to fetch out the fathers…

Since Nadia Buari is up there, let’s start with her; we are told her father is either from Germany or Albania.

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