Ayisha Modi Takes Moesha To Juju To Help Her Recover – Sources Reveal


Ghanaian socialite and supposed gossip lover identified as Ginger has disclosed that She Loves Stonebwoy, popularly known as Ayisha Modi is using Juju to help Moesha. According to the U.S-based Ghanaian socialite, Ayisha Modi is using juju to help Moesha gain her sanity. READ ALSO: Black Sherif to Collaborate with Burna Boy – Exciting Details … Read more

Bloody Liar Ayisha Modi Exposed – She Never Spent 1.7 Billion On Moesha


Loudmouth Ayisha Modi has been exposed as a bloody Liar. Ayisha bragged yesterday about how she reportedly wasted over 1.7 billion monetary help to save Moesha Boduong from her recent predicament. She shared a video which captured some sensitive conversations Moesha had with her just to substantiate her supposed lies. READ ALSO: Dr Kwaku Oteng … Read more

I Have Spent Over 1.7 Billion Just To Get Moesha Better – Ayisha Modi Brags


Ayisha Modi has come out to reveal how much money she has wasted trying to bring our repented slay queen sister Moesha to normalcy. The Bhim Nation hype woman first shared produced progress report to the public by sharing photos of how the actress and model looks at the moment. In a new video she … Read more

New Photo Of Moesha Boduong Causes Stir As Her Butt Vanishes!


Repented Ghanaian actress and socialite, Moesha Boduong has been sighted for the first time in a long while following issues concerning her spiritual battles. Moesha is seen in a photo looking cute, slim and without her usual humongous butt. READ ALSO: Zionfelix’s Embattled Girlfriend Mina Gives Birth To A Baby Girl – Photo Although there … Read more

Moesha Boduong Pops Up Back Online Looking Cute and Fresh – Photo Drops

moesha repent

It has been a very, very, long time since we spotted Moesha Boduong on social media- but it appears she’s making a reappearance. One of Moesha’s closest friends, Tracey Boakye, is trying to keep her in the hearts and minds of the fans by resurrecting one of her most adorable photos. The photo features Tracey, … Read more

Big Update on Moesha’s Current Medical Condition – Details


Self-acclaimed music producer, She Loves Stonebwoy, popularly known as Ayisha Modi has hinted that moesha Boduong is now fine and healthy. According to Ayisha Modi, They had a healthy conversation with Moesha yesterday and she was very happy about how their conversation went. READ ALSO: Check Out The Single Room Choked With Items Beverly Afaglo … Read more

Shots Fired – Delay Jabs Afia Schwarzenegger As She Warns Against Bad Friends


Entrepreneur and media personality, Delay has rained curses on Moesha Boduong’s Personal Assistant after publicly disgracing her and selling her to her enemies. In a video circulating on social media, Delay expressed shock over the painful things Moesha’s own personal assistant has said about her. Moesha’s PA, Nelson has said that it will never be … Read more

You’ll Suffer In Life! – Delay Reacts to Moesha Audio Leak and Curses her Gossiping PA


Delay has reacted to the story of Moesha Boduong and her gossiping PA and rained fire and curses on Nelson. According to Delay, he is going to suffer in life and nothing will ever go well for him. Delay is pissed after Nelson, who has been Moesha’s long time personal assistant, sold her out to … Read more

‘Sista Afia Will Repent Like Moesha Buduong Very Soon’ – Gospel musician Claims


A Gospel musician has shockingly revealed that the next female celebrity to repent and start preaching the word of God like actress Moesha is singer Sista Afia. In a new video circulating in social media, Gospel musician DavMens, cousin of Popular female Gospel Musician Joyce Blessing, said God directed him to feature Sista Afia on … Read more

Moesha’s Former Bestie Sandra Who Snitched On Her With Salma And Allegedly Leaked Her Audio Fished Out


There’s a popular saying that a man’s enemy comes from his own house! Indeed that couldn’t have been said any better. Recently, Moesha Boduong’s Personal Assistant, Nelson proved to us all that we really need to be careful who we associate with and who we trust with our secrets after he personally sold Moesha out … Read more

Salma Mumin Trying Hard To Act Unbothered, But Enfa


Ghanaians surprisingly stood behind Moesha and condemned Salma Mumin for leaking private conversations that were defamatory to her character.  Commentators on social media showed sympathy to Moesha as she battles with mental health issues and were quick to label Salma Mumin as the bad guy even when the video was to put her in a … Read more

Ayisha Modi Drops More Shocking Keys on Salma and Nelson, Moesha’s PA


Social commentator Ayisha Modi definitely had a lot to say concerning leaked conversations between Salma Mumin and Moesha’s PA.  She started by shouting at Ghanaians and telling us to listen to what she has to say because this issue involves her as well (which we struggle to see how). She said nobody in Ghana can … Read more

Moesha’s Family Wants To Kill Her Like They Killed Her Mother – Adu Safowaah Says


Adu Sarfowaah has provided talkatives another angle to the trending issue of Moesha and her alleged mental instability. The Moesha trends had died down until reports of her attempted suicide surfaced. Moesha reportedly drank bleach to kill herself but nurses at the hospital she’s lodged at came to her rescue. READ ALSO: Don’t Compare me … Read more

Don’t Compare me to Moesha – Hajia4real Angrily Speaks Out


Hajia4real in an interview today stated a few claims and they are interesting to hear.  She was asked if she was surprised when she saw the repented Moesha which she replied that she wasn’t and it was what she wanted to do with her life so she cannot be surprised by her decisions.  The interviewer … Read more

Moesha Boduong’s Alleged Brother Who Leaked Information To Salma Is Reportedly Staying With Efya – Juicy Gist Drops


Normally, it’s the closest people around us who hurt us. Though Moesha Boduong’s story is a very sad one, it really captures a lot of lessons that we need in life. Our trust should go out to people who have earned it and not just anybody who finds him or herself in our lives as … Read more

She’s A Jealous, Envious, B**tch – Akuapem Poloo Goes Hard on Salma with No Holding Back

akuapem poloo salma mumin

Actress Rosemond Brown aka Akuapem Poloo has unleashed herself on Salma Mumin for releasing a secret recording intended to embarrass Moesha Boduong. Poloo held nothing back in a scathing attack on Salma Mumin, describing her as jealous and envious of Moesha Boduong. She just stopped short of calling her a b*tch but her description of … Read more

Moesha Boduong’s Family Reacts To Leaked Audiotape – Denies Relationship With Alleged Brother


There’s an audiotape floating on social media; the tape is a chat between Actress Salma Mumin and Moesha’s personal assistance called Nelson, some blogs claim he’s Moesha’s brother. The two talked about all the dirty stuff Moesha has done and the people she has offended. READ ALSO: We Don’t Use Someone’s Sickness To Make Fun … Read more

Fan Curses Salma for Wicked Acts Towards Moesha With her Own Words – ‘You Can’t Do Ugly Things and Live A Beautiful Life’

salma mumin

Social media users are so done with actress Salma Mumin for trying to paint Moesha Boduong black and have turned on her completely. Ghanaians have impressively taken Moesha’ side in this beef – showing that whilst they might troll her every once in a while, now that she is having issues they are ready to … Read more

Petty Snitch Salma Mumin Admits Recording Moesha’s PA And Sending it to Friends

salma mumin moesha

Salma Mumin has come out to address the recording out there of her and Moesha Boduong’s PA, a gossip called Nelson, talking about all the alleged sins of Moesha. Nelson, for someone who works for Moesha, was willing to sell her out to an enemy of hers like Salma Mumin. He called Salma and was … Read more

Real Friends Don’t Behave This Way – Sad Diamond Appiah Disappointed In Nana Akua Addo For Selling Information To Bloggers


Diamond Appiah has gone off on Nana Akua Addo for the latter’s bad attitude of selling information about her friends to bloggers. Usually, these spineless celebrities would throw a wild shade without mentioning the name of the target leaving us to put two and two together. Not this time around as Diamond Appiah tagged Nana … Read more

No Man Born of A Woman Can Save Moesha from her Madness – Prophet

moesha boduong mad

Self-trained prophet Ibrahim Dauda, known in showbiz as Ibrah One, has become a prophet of doom but only working from his room. Unlike the other prophets of doom who have churches full of church members listening to their grim prophecies, Ibra only sits in his room, takes his phone and causes a stir. No one … Read more

Unstable Moesha Boduong Reportedly Hospitalized After Drinking Powerzone

moesha boduong prophet

Repented Ghanaian actress and socialite Moesha Boduong has been sick for some time now. The actress is said to be mentally unstable after a video of her looking unkempt surfaced on social media following an attempted suicide. READ ALSO: Kumawood Village Actress Joyce Boakye Videos Herself Using The Water Closet In A Plane Born again … Read more

‘You Can’t Do Ugly Things and Live A Beautiful Life’ – Salma Mumin Throws Subtle Shots at Moesha


Actress Salma Mumin who is known to have a long-standing beef with her former friend Moesha Buduong was caught throwing jabs at her in a social media post. Salma shared a post that stated: “You can’t do ugly things to people and expect to live a beautiful life”.  The actress can deny all she wants … Read more

All Slay Queens In Ghana Are Senseless Fools – Afia Schwar Insults Moesha, Diamond Appiah and Co


Afia Schwarzenegger has been fingered in a video that has resurfaced online where the outspoken media personality was heaping insults on Moesha, her friend Diamond Appiah and other slay queens in Ghana. Afia Schwar was heard in the old video addressing the infamous interview Moesha Bodoung had with Christiane Amanpour on CNN. The comedian was … Read more

Akuapem Poloo Dreams About Moesha – Begs Ghanaians To Pray For Her


The life of Ghanaian actress and socialite Moesha Boduong must be very dear to God because he keeps revealing mysteries about her to people through dreams. Adu Sarfowaa, Ohemaa Mercy and now Akuapem Poloo have all have some sort of ‘revelation’ from God about Moesha and her spiritual journey to Christianity. Akuapem Poloo earlier this … Read more

Nana Akua Addo Ran Away As Mentally Unstable Moesha Boduong Grabbed Afia Schwar and Mercilessly Beat her During Visit – Details

moesha afia schwarzenegger

A new update on Moesha Boduong’s condition is absolutely not comforting. Apparently, things are getting out of hand although Moesha is said to be receiving all the attention and care she needs. Blogger those-called-celebs has revealed that Moesha has become insanely strong due to her sickness and she recently beat Afia Schwarzenegger when she visited … Read more

Rich Ayisha Modi Drops MoMo Number to Suck Money from Poor Ghanaians for Moesha

ayisha modi moesha

Ghanaian celebrities are the richest people in the world until they actually need money for something, then they become poor. Ayisha Modi has been bragging her socks off about her husband’s wealth as she beefs Afia Schwarzenegger in a beef for the ages. Despite all that bragging, she’s now begging Ghanaians for money. Ayisha has … Read more