You Have 48 Hours To Prove You Paid My Rent – Mona Gucci Threatens Agradaa With Nogokpo gods


Evangelist Mama Pat and Mona Gucci have taken over from Delay and Afia Schwar as the two socialites are currently roasting themselves on social media. Evangelist Mama Pat, aka Agradaa, has released an audio of Mona Gucci humbly begging her for her rent which cost about GHC 18,000. Agradaa released the audio after Mona Gucci … Read more

You Can Never Pay My Rent, That Audio Was Content To Promote Your Church – Mona Gucci Exposes Nana Agradaa


Mona Gucci has responded to the humiliating allegations by Nana Agradaa that she begged for money to pay her rent. An audio surfaced on the internet capturing the voice of Mona Gucci desperately begging Nana Agradaa for an amount of Ghc18,200 to pay her rent. The Ghanaian fetish now turned evangelist reportedly gave her the … Read more

Waist Like Johnny Bravo – Shocking as Mona Gucci’s Real Body Shape is Exposed in Tracksuit – Video


Television presenter Mona Gucci is trending and it’s for all the wrong reasons as netizens take jabs at her body shape. Mona has been spotted out and about wearing a tight-fitting tracksuit – the worst fashion choice she could have made. The tracksuit completely hugged her body, giving netizens a look at her real body … Read more

“Shapeless Bag Of Manure With No Brains” – Diamond Appiah Insults Mona Gucci For Criticizing Her For Mocking Mzbel


Shameless Diamond Appiah has refused to listen to reason and has decided to insult anyone who critize her for mocking Mzbel over her father’s death, starting from Mona Gucci. Few days ago, Mona Gucci shared her two cents on Instagram lambasting insensitive Diamond Appiah for mocking Mzbel while she was mourning her late father. Diamond … Read more

Mona Gucci Caught Doing Ahohyehye On Burna Boy As She Claims He’s Bigger Than Shatta Wale – Ghanaians Unfollow Her In Huge Numbers


Controversial media personality, Mona Gucci is currently in trouble after choosing Nigerian musician Burna Boy over Shatt Wale amid their fight. Mona Gucci has been caught on Burna Boy’s page calling him ‘odogu’. Mona Gucci described Burna Boy as way too big than involving himself in a fight with Shatta Wale. READ ALSO: Umuofia Prophet … Read more

Mona Gucci Mercilessly Trolled After Being Spotted in Bizarre Dressing – Fans Mock Her ‘Table Cloth’ Blouse and PE Shoe – Photo

mona gucci assassination

‘Abigail Williams and Co’ top lawyer Mona Gucci has been trolled hotly by social media users after being spotted out in bizarre dressing. Mona, probably thinking she has ‘killed’ it, was rather wearing an ensemble of ridiculous outfits from top to bottom. Social media users did not disappoint upon spotting her items of clothing. Mona … Read more

Abrewa With Taste – Mona Gucci Disgraced After Claiming She’s Allegedly Dated Ramsey Nouah And Desmond Elliot


Slay queen mama Mona Gucci, nicknamed Lawyer Blue Gate never gets out of controversy! As Mona Gucci likes to troll and drags people on her show, she is also never free from gossips. Every now and then secrets pop up about her. Recently, there was a report that Mona Gucci is dating a small boy … Read more

Mona Gucci Fires Back After Blogger Dropped Chats of Her Begging A ‘Little Boy’ to Date Her

mona gucci chasing small boy

Onua TV presenter Mona Gucci has hit back at Instablogger Mari Gyata over allegations she’s chasing a ‘small boy’. Mona Gucci quickly took to Instagram to clap back at the allegations which were sensationally released last night. Mona shared a photo of herself with a caption making it clear she sees the allegations as lies. … Read more

Mona Gucci Hot as Blogger Exposes her for Allegedly Begging A ‘Small Boy’ to Date Her

mona gucci assassination

Onua TV’s controversial television personality, Mona Gucci, is reportedly in hot soup after being exposed by a blogger. According to Mari Gyata on Instagram – a well-known nemesis of Mona – the media personality is desperately trying to get a far younger guy than her to date her. Mari Gyata claims Mona has been begging … Read more

You’re Very Lucky That Her Father Is Not Alive – Mona Gucci Brutally Slams Kaninja For Breaking The Actress’ Heart


Mona Gucci aka Lawyer Blue Gate is the latest person to comment on Xandy Kamel and Kaninja’s once sweet love story that has suddenly turned sour after the Angel FM presenter was busted for cheating on the actress. Whiles speaking on ONUA TV about the brouhaha on her “Biribi Gyegye Wo” show, Mona Gucci fired … Read more

‘I Feed Broke Mona Gucci. She Calls to Beg For Food For Her Children’- Ayisha Modi Unleashes


At this point Aisha Modi should take the celebrity NGO of the year award because she certainly has fed half of the entertainment industry. Madam 1 billion will never hesitate to give us the figures. Queen of audios and receipts. The great I’m-giving-you-48-hours-to-apologize. Aren’t we all tired of Aisha giving us her celebrity invoice? Well, … Read more

Shocking! Mona 4Real Beats Tiisha, Kwame Yogot And Co To Win Uncovered Artist Of The Year


Mona 4Real shocked many when she was announced as the uncovered artiste of the year at the fifth edition of the Ghana Music Awards UK. This year’s edition came off at the plush Royal Regency in the United Kingdom on Saturday, October 9th, 2021. READ ALSO: Beverly Afaglo Emotionally Reveals Stonebwoy Dashed Her A Huge … Read more

Mona Gucci Curses Afia Schwar And Gh Mouthpiece On Instagram And Expects Her gods To Respond


Ghanaians play too much on social media. When did we get to the times where we can DM our gods and email our ancestors? Well, Mona Gucci just sent a message to the gods on instagram and now I am fully convinced that the end times are near. Amidst her current back and forth with … Read more

Revelations! How Evil Mona Gucci Sent Afia Schwar To A Juju Man To Destroy Her Exposed


Just because of fame and social media banter, one will go all ends to see to the ruin of the fellow. GhMouth Piece who is a known friend of Mona Gucci aka “Lawyer Blue Gate” has dropped a dirty secret of the TV presenter online. According to GhMouth Piece in an Instagram live she hosted … Read more

Adu Safowaa Exposed For Gifting Herself Fake Birthday Gift As Present From Boyfriend – Fake Social Media Pressure


Indeed many are mad but a few a roaming. Mark Zuckerburg should have shut Instagram a little longer and help save the mental health of 90% of Ghanaian celebrities because the pressure on their mental health is very serious. Someone like Adu Safowaa who rarely makes the news also decided to create unnecessary pressure for … Read more

Mona Gucci Finally Replies Adu Safowaa’s Insults And Wild Claims That She’s The One Who Recorded Her In Jail


Mona Gucci aka “Lawyer Blue Gate” has finally reacted to Adu Sarfowaa’s ruthless attack on her earlier this morning following her arrest saga yesterday. According to Adu Sarfowaa in a post she shared on her IG page some few hours ago, she is very disappointed in Mona Gucci stabbing her at the back while earlier … Read more

Mona Gucci Is Evil – Details of How She Did Adu Safowaa Dirty Just As She Did to Joyce Boakye

mona gucci media general

Television presenter for Onua TV and so-called Lawyer Blue Gate, Mona Gucci, is once again mired in controversy over her backstabbing actions. Adu Safowaa has called out Mona for pretending to sympathise with her but using that opportunity to record her whilst in jail and post it online. A video came out yesterday (Wednesday) showing … Read more

I’ve Burnt It, You Good For Nothing B*tch – Joyce Boakye Fires Back After Claims That She Borrowed Mona Gucci’s Shoe For Delay’s Show


Joyce Boakye has reacted to claims that she borrowed Mona Gucci’s shoes for Delay’s interview recently. There is a trending grid photo of Kumawood actress Joyce Boakye and her estranged friend Mona Gucci in the same footwear. The two celebrities styled for different occasions and for different programs were wearing the same shoes. READ ALSO: … Read more

I Just Create Jokes and Act But They Keep Hating on Me – Joyce Boakye Breaks Down

joyce boakye stephen appiah

Actress Joyce Boakye has broken down over new allegations that former Black Stars captain Stephen Appiah had an affair with her. Joyce has not finished handling allegations of Asamoah Gyan chopping her down and now Stephen Appiah has also been thrown into the mix. She is apparently fed up. Joyce has spoken out bitterly about … Read more

They Met and Plotted to Assassinate Me – Mona Gucci Makes Serious Allegation

mona gucci assassination

Mona Gucci claims that her enemies held a meeting and are plotting to assassinate her, a claim so laughable she’s already deleted it from her timeline. The Onua TV presenter took to Instagram this morning to make this bold claim without going into any specifics. According to Mona, there was a meeting with her enemies … Read more

Mona Gucci Laughably Claims She’s A Women Empowerment Advocate Despite All Evidence To The Contrary


If you are looking for one person who is all about empowering women, Mona Gucci is probably the last name that would come to mind. After fighting with her fellow women every other day and shaming some with secrets best kept to herself if she really cared so much about women, Mona Gucci in a … Read more

Mona Gucci Blasts Afia Schwarzenegger for Criticising Obofour’s Enstoolment


Television presenter Mona Gucci has fired missiles at Afia Schwarzenegger for ungraciously criticising the enstoolment of Rev Asanteman Obofour as a chief by a Ga community. Mona says whoever is against that is spouting nonsense because foreigners have been enstooled as chiefs in this country before and no one said a thing! Mona Gucci is … Read more

Mona Gucci’s Real Horror Face Without Makeup Exposed – Photo


Delusional Mona Gucci is one of those ashawobrities who is big on makeup and filters and never goes anywhere without painting her face to oblivion. We hardly see these ladies just relax and feel at home in their real faces, and it is getting clear every day why makeup is their best friend. READ ALSO: … Read more

‘I’m Giving You 12 Hours To Apologize, Animals Like You Shouldn’t Talk’ – Ayisha Modi Angrily Blasts Mona Gucci


It’s on again for Ayisha Modi and Mona Gucci. This time, Ayisha wasn’t mentioned but as the self-acquired Minister for celebrity defense, she has decided to fight for some names mentioned.  Mona Gucci went on a childish rant in rebuttal to an ongoing misunderstanding between her and Joyce Boakye. In the rant she spoke on … Read more