MOVIE REVIEW: Devil in a Dress…

Devil in a Dress-Ad


The much anticipated movie – ‘Devil In A Dress’ – was premiered two days ago at the Silverbird Cinemas (Accra Mall and Weija).The premiere was greatly attended as several Independence Day holiday celebrants trooped in to watch the movie.


Unlike many Ghanaian events that do not start on time, the premiere of ‘Devil In A Dress’ was an exception, as it started exactly at 6:30 pm. All the halls were full way before the first showing started.

Amazed as I was, there were lots of people who still stood outside with their tickets in their hands but couldn’t get inside the packed cinema halls. Such ones had to wait for the second showing. The two showings weren’t enough for the ‘gargantuan’ crowd as it became necessary for the organisers to make way for a third showing.


Perfectly on point is the right word to use. The lead character, Kafui Danku did marvellous with the role she played. One lady versus several guys, yet she was able to find her way through. She had the woman power and displayed it in a professional way. From start to finish, Kafui was all over in the movie, but interestingly, she wasn’t boring at all. For displaying such a brilliant acting cleverness, I would say Kudos to her.

Another actress who nailed it was Roselyn Ngissah. She has a limited appeatance but I kind of liked the enthusiasm and wildness she displayed. Her choice of words and her acting dexterity demonstrated in the movie made it more side-splitting and fun to watch.

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