My Thoughts On Nelson Mandela + Had Mandela Been A Ghanaian…

Nelson Mandela

The below article is full satire so if you do not understand a paragraph, read it twice…The fallen of Mandela has gotten everyone talking—-and as a generous man, he has received great messages from all around the world…

After watching various coverages of Mandela’s death, his legacy and life, one thing I’ve realized is that; the man stood for an idea—so at one point in time, he was an idealist. And by idealist/idealism, I do not mean as it is in Philosophy or Epistemology, rather in Sociology.

Mandela was like most of us with ideas but what makes him a hero is; his commitment to his ideas and the extent to which he was ready to go—and went to move his ideas to become a reality…

He believed in something, he stood for something, he was ready to die for what he believed in…

What do you stand for as a person?

Read the piece below by Boadu Kwabena…


Sad news hit the world and its foundations shook upon hearing the news that a selfless African leader (a rare attribute in our part of the world!) was gone.

Nelson (which some zealots strangely write and pronounce ‘Nursing’) Rolihlahla Mandela has left the world after 95 years.

His years of fighting for freedom was over, he fought dead rumors amidst failing health until the final hours on Thursday when he said his final goodbye.

Have you imagined what would have happened if Mandela had been a Ghanaian?

First, the airwaves would have run amok with dirges here and there with lots of funeral experts talking what should happen next. Media experts will first question themselves if the required rites and rituals have been performed first to ‘leak’ the information about his death out to the international media. We won’t only have the death of a hero to deal with, but also try to answer that dodgy modernity versus culture riddle.

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