You’re Reaping What You Sowed for Wrecking Lordina’s Home – Mzbel Slammed After Complaining of Spiritual Attacks Over ‘Papa No’ Saga

mzbel papa no

Mzbel has received some clapback after her sensational claim that Tracey Boakye is a witch causing her to suffer spiritual attacks. According to the blogger thosecalledcelebs, she’s just reaping what she sowed for once wrecking the home of Lordina Mahama with an affair. Mzbel over the weekend revealed that she has been suffering from spiritual … Read more

Tracey Boakye Exposed for Allegedly Paying Faceless Trolls to Attack Mzbel, Akua GMB and Co – Details


A faceless troll who wildly attacked Mzbel’s kids in a horrible post has been exposed as a lackey of Tracey Boakye. The troll is apparently one of a number of social media users who are on Tracey’s payroll and deal with her ‘enemies’ whilst she remains mute. The expose on the faceless troll was revealed … Read more

Mad Fan of Borla Bird Launches Dirty Attack On Mzbel’s Kids in Unhinged Rant – Mzbel Reacts

tracey boakye mzbel

Mzbel has fired back at mad, clout chasing fan of Borla Bird who launched a dirty attack on her innocent kids. The veteran singer expressed disappointment that her innocent kids were being attacked in such a vitriolic manner by a misguided fan of Tracey Boakye. The so-called Tracey Boakye fan decided to compare Tracey’s kids … Read more