My Biggest Regret Is Fighting Mzbel Over A Rich Married Man – Tracey Boakye Reveals


East Legon Land Lady Tracey Boakye has revealed that her biggest regret was publicly fighting Mzbel over a rich married man. Tracey Boakye and Mzbel’s fight was iconic and it went into the history books as the incident that gave birth to the national term ‘Papa No’. In case you just landed in Ghana and … Read more

MzBel Expertly Shades Afia Schwarzenegger as Her World Falls Apart Over Son’s Alleged Gayism


Mzbel has been given a powerful missile to use against Afia Schwarzenegger in their continuing feud. This advantage can be traced to Nana Tonardo’s outburst a few days ago, which was his reaction to Afia calling him gay. READ ALSO: Meet All the Beautiful Children of Nana Ama McBrown – Photos Out of pain, he … Read more

I Am Prettier Than You And Living Your Dream Life – Diamond Appiah Tickles Herself In A New Message To Mzbel


Ghanaians are laughing at Diamond Appiah for jumping on social media to claim she is prettier and more wealthy than Mzbel. Afia Schwarzenegger is beefing Mzbel and she occasionally sends her wingman diamond to throw punches at her opponent Mzbel. Trying to please her master, Diamond Appiah took to her Instagram to rain insults and … Read more

How Can You Compare Alasa to Strawberry? – Fans Troll Old Lady Diamond Appiah Over Photo Comparing Her with Mzbel

why diamond hates mzbel

The bitter battle between MzBel and Afia Schwarzenegger is far from child’s play, with the two exchanging personal assaults and death threats. However, it appears that an extension of Afia’s team will constantly be brought into the mix to take covert blows against MzBel. READ ALSO: Black Sherif Becomes First Ghanaian Artist To Hit 10M … Read more

Drama at Your Age is Embarrassing – Mzbel Fires Back at Bitter Afia Schwarzenegger

afia schwarzenegger hates mzbel

Mzbel has fired back at Afia Schwarzenegger after she claimed she will throw a party when she hears the musician has died. We knew Afia held some resentment towards Mzbel but never did we think she could sit on an interview and spew such wickedness about a fellow human. READ ALSO: Mzbel is Busy Running … Read more

Top Female Celebrities In Africa Who Look Younger Than Their Age – Photos


It is normal for peopel to guess how old someone is using their appearance or looks and I can bet you have made such judgment before. Wrong judgments are made often times because most such people look older than their looks or appearance. READ ALSO: Ghanaians Would Have Accused Us Of Sleeping With Abena Korkor … Read more

Mzbel Replies Childish Diamond Appiah After Her Insensitive Comment About Her Father’s Funeral – Video


Mzbel has replied Diamond Appiah and her competitors trying to rub her face in the mud. The mafia gang, Diamond Appiah and Afia Schwarzenegger, decided to troll Mzbel after making millions of cedis from the funeral of Afia Schwarzenegger’s father. Diamond Appiah said Mzbel disgraced her late father’s memory by organizing an ‘Our day’ for … Read more

A god Born By A Goddess – Mzbel Celebrates Son’s Birthday With Dope Royal Photos


Popular Ghanaian songstress, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, well known as Goddess Mzbel has shared a royal themed photos of her son to celebrate his birthday today. Mzbel’s son, Aaron Nana Kwame Adepa, turned 9-years-old today, March 2, 2022 and the singer has taken to social media to mark the glorious day. She shared some photos … Read more

Mzbel Celebrates Her Alleged ‘Papa No’ Kofi Amoabeng With Intimate Photos On His Birthday


The controversies surrounding Mzbel and her relationship with Kofi Amoabeng, has not stopped her from celebrating him on his birthday today. One would think Mzbel would stay away from media trolls by not wishing the former UT Bank boss a happy birthday publicly but she did and even shared some lovely photos of them together. … Read more

Ghanaian Celebrities Who Have Lost a Mom or Dad in 2022 and Their Photos


Ghana’s entertainment industry witnessed a series of sad event from the last quarter of 2021 to the beginning of 2022. Many celebrities announced the death of their fathers or mothers in a space of 4 months. While some of these celebrities could not hold back their tears, others decided to clinge to memories of how … Read more

Mzbel Goes The Abena Korkor Way – Threaten To Drop Names And Numbers Of Popular Ghanaian Celebrities


Some Ghanaian celebrities have angered Mzbel and she has threatened to pull an Abena Korkor on them. Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah spat fire on her page after her colleagues in the industry made her lose her cool. According to Mzbel, some of her industry colleagues have been blackmailing her and spreading malicious information with the … Read more

Shady MzBel Makes Illegal U-Turn After Clearly Threatening To Expose JM – She Now Says She Meant Bice President


Bice Osei Kufuor’s name has miraculously found its way into the issues of Ghanaian Hiplife artiste, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah a.k.a MzBel. The singer has stated that she had no intention to drag either former or incumbent presidents’ names into the concerns she raised via social media only a few weeks ago. She wrote, “Mr. President, … Read more

My Father Was A Chronic Womanizer Who Had 4 Wives And Many Side Chicks – Mzbel Reveals In New Video

mzbel loses father

Ghanaian musician turned media personality, Mzbel has made public some well kept secrets about her late father that has shocked many. Mzbel, born Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah received news of that death of her father Mr. Amoah few days ago while hosting her relationship radio show. She stopped the show half way and stormed out … Read more

Sad Video Drops As Mzbel Buries Late Father – Watch


Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah aka Mzbel has shared a heartbreaking video capturing moment her late father was buried. Yesterday, Mzbel received sad news of the passing of her father while she was on air hosting her radio program. Videos that surfaced online saw how the popular musician turned radio presenter was struggling to comport herself … Read more

Lady Who Looks Like Mzbel Fools Ghanaian Celebrities Online – Photos


A lady who bares striking resemblance with controversial Ghanaian musician Mzbel has confused many celebrities with her looks. The lady fooled many on social media including veteran hip life rapper Reggie Rockstone because of her looks. On Wednesday, Reggie Rockstone posted an image of a pretty lady thinking it was Mzbel. READ ALSO: “We Need … Read more

Only A Fool Doesn’t Seek Insight Before Passing Judgement – Disgraced iOna Reine Shades Critics


The shades and insults from Ghanaians have hit washed-up singer iOna Reine and she has replied with her own attack. Earlier today, Ghanaians run down iOna for claiming in an interview that her music career died because she was affiliated to former singer Mzbel. Her comment did not sit well with many on social media … Read more

Do You Even Have A Career? – Social Media Users Attack iOna Reine For Claiming Mzbel Killed Her Music Career


iOna Reine, a washed up Ghanaian singer turned Judas, has landed on the bad side of many social media users over a comment she made in a recent interview. Speaking with Arnold Elavanyo, iOna claimed her relationship with doyen hiplife musician Mzbel killed her music career. In her view, associating with Mzbel publicly made her … Read more

Mzbel Causes Stir As She Sends Strong Warning To Mahama Asking Him To Fulfill His Promise Or She Goes Dirty On Him


Controversial Ghanaian songstress, Mzbel is causing massive stir on social media after sending strong warning to former President Mahama. Mzbel has taken to her various social media platforms to warn the former President not to play jokes with her and fulfill his promise to her because she can go to all length dealing with the … Read more

Tracey Boakye Is A Witch, I’ve Been Having Spiritual Attacks Since The ‘Papa No’ Beef – MzBel Drops Shocking Revelations


Long and short of it all is that, Tracy Boakye is a witch. Well, according to MzBel. MzBel as the vawulence queen herself has decided she will not let Boxing Day go by without throwing a few jabs. The perfect day to start some chaos and to remind us of her definition of Boxing Day. … Read more

No Party, No Cakes, Just Home Alone- MzBel Shares Stunning Photos Plus Details Of How She’ll Mark her 42nd Birthday


Mzbel has given details on how she plans to celebrate her 42nd birthday come December 26th this year. The years are not slowing down for the former music star and she is not growing any younger either. Mzbel took to her social media platform to share some stunning photos as well as what she has … Read more

Mad Fan of Borla Bird Launches Dirty Attack On Mzbel’s Kids in Unhinged Rant – Mzbel Reacts

tracey boakye mzbel

Mzbel has fired back at mad, clout chasing fan of Borla Bird who launched a dirty attack on her innocent kids. The veteran singer expressed disappointment that her innocent kids were being attacked in such a vitriolic manner by a misguided fan of Tracey Boakye. The so-called Tracey Boakye fan decided to compare Tracey’s kids … Read more

I Need A 25-Year-Old Boy To Date – 41-Year Old Mzbel Publicly Releases Her Number to Find her Own Amerado


41-year old Ghanaian singer Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah popularly known as Mzbel has expressed interest in dating younger boys half her age. Mzbel has noticed her compatriots having fun with young guys and posting their lovely moments on social media and wants a taste of that. Delay is rumored to be in a relationship with … Read more

Rashida Black Beauty Alleged To Be The Biological Mother Of Mzbel’s Daughter – Details


Internet sensation Rashida Black Beauty has resurfaced on social media. The cute black girl has popped up with a photo of her baby girl. In a photo that has been sighted on social media, Rashida is seen with her little daughter sitting on her. She has plated the hair of her baby and she’s looking … Read more

Mzbel Can Wear Ghc5 Dress and Look Better than Borla Bird in Expensive Dress – Fan Drags Tracey Boakye

tracey boakye mzbel

A social media user has landed blows on Borla Bird’s well known horrible fashion sense. A beautiful photo of Mzbel in a simple yet elegant dress is what sparked this assault on Borla Bird’s non-existent fashion sense. We’ve known since time immemorial that Tracey Boakye is a horrible dresser. Her combinations are just off and … Read more

Afia Schwarzenegger Summons Tracey Boakye And Diamond To Fight Mzbel And Tornado


If you have to be controversial to stay relevant, it must be exhausting when no-one gives you the attention you are desperate for. Afia Schwarzenneger needs to entertain her followers to get ads to fund her highs and lows. Now that no one sees her worthy of two words, she is throwing more shots. She … Read more

Meet the Whiteman Who Speaks Better Twi than Mzbel – Watch Their Interview


Mzbel has been left in shock after meeting a Greek in London who speaks Twi even better than she does. The Ghanaian singer was recently in the United Kingdom to appear at the Ghana Music Awards UK. She performed at the show but is still in the UK chilling before she returns to Ghana. In … Read more

Afia Schwar Jubilates Over Nana Tornado And Mzbel’s Beef As She Thanks God For Brutally Dealing With Her Enemies

Afia Schwar

Clearly, Afia Schwar is the happiest person on Earth right now. Her two known archrivals who ganged up to fight her some few years ago are now fighting and dirtying themselves on the internet. Prior to this bloodshed beef between Nana Tornado and Mzbel, the two had always used the slightest opportunity that they get … Read more