End of Rumour: Jim Iyke is Not the FATHER of Nadia Buari’s Twins

Nadia Buari made headlines with her twins yesterday and since then, GhanaCelebrities.Com has been talking with some people close to Nadia Buari and her family to establish if Jim Ikye is the father of the twins even though we are damn sure they broke up just before May 2014 as we reported then. In plain … Read more

CONFIRMED: Nadia Buari Gives Birth to TWINS | Could Jim Iyke Be the Father?

Rumours that Nadia Buari was pregnant some few months ago has turned out to be true and the Ghanaian actress has given birth to twins—that explains her absence from public sphere and social media. Nadia Buari’s adopted father- Alhaji Sidiku Buari confirmed the news to this morning, saying, It’s true. She brought forth twins alright, … Read more

Nadia Buari Could Not Answer The Question 'If She Has A Child Or Not' On Radio

I am not sure why people are still pushing the Nadia Buari and her ‘alleged’ child issue. I addressed this issue some months back and I am not going to delve into it again….If you did not read what I wrote then, CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT. The Nadia Buari’s hidden child issue has popped … Read more

A Gist & Photos Of Nadia Buari’s Hidden Baby…

Nadia Buari
Nadia Buari

Someone is trying to sell me some photos of the hidden 7 or 8 year old daughter of Ghanaian Actress-Nadia Buari. The amount the person is asking for from me is not any big deal, I can afford to pay it but I am not sure if I really want to post on the photos and expose the identity of the child…

Nadia Buari has refused to comment on her baby issue but anyone who is very well informed in the Ghanaian Entertainment industry with enough connections will know about the fact that Nadia Buari has a beautiful young daughter….

My conscience is playing up on me on this matter. Why should I post photos of a young innocent girl? Why has Nadia Buari failed to accept or comment openly on her pretty little girl? I thought children are blessings and should be adored….

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