Nana Agradaa Steals Show at Afia Schwarzenegger’s Late Father’s One Week Celebration – Netizens Say It’s Because She Misses Stealing from Gullible Ghanaians – Video


One week ago, controversial actress Afia Schwarzenegger aka Fufufunu announced the devastating passing of her father. The news was received with sadness regardless of the troubles Ghanaians have suffered because of Fufufunu’s unbending public posturing. READ ALSO: Hunger Killed Afia Schwarzenegger’s Father, Her Mother Will Die Soon – Twene Jonas Goes Berserk Shockingly, the demise of her father has … Read more

You Were Even Nicer as A Priest – Nana Agradaa Heavily Trolled Over Tacky ‘Yellow Sisi’ Hair – Photo


‘Vangelist’ Patricia Oduro Koranteng ‘Agradaa’ has been trolled by social media users after being spotted in a ridiculous hairstyle to start the new year. Agradaa has decided to go for a new hairstyle and it’s sparked a massive online discource again. The ex-fetish priest has become an expert on getting social media outraged since transitioning … Read more

Evangelist Patricia Oduro Shows Off Body Tattoos And Tear Rubber Benz In New Video


Nana Agradaa, now known as Evangelist Patricia Oduro, is a fan of expensive cars and wild body tattoos. We didn’t imagine the pastor’s wife and self titled evangelist to be so into the high life of fun and enjoyment until she shared a video confirming all the above. Nana Agradaa is known for either buying … Read more

‘Rich’ Nana Agradaa Hot As MC Tries to Force her to Donate Money at a Birthday Party But She Refused – Video


Nana Agradaa saved herself from an embarrassing moment at a birthday party she was invited to over the weekend. A mischievous master of ceremony (MC) called the repented fetish priestess to the floor and publicly asked her to donate any amount of money to the birthday celebrant. The MC said it was the least Nana … Read more

Bow Down Your Head In Shame For Sleeping With Pastors – Agradaa Goes After Joyce Blessing As She Drops More Gist Over DNA Test

nana agradaa joyce blessing

Repented Ghanaian fetish priestess Nana Agradaa, now Evangelist Mama Pat has gone hard on Joyce Blessing following her DNA saga. Agradaa has attacked Joyce Blessing, adding more insult to injury. According to her, the gospel musician has been a long time cheat which she once acknowledged on her show but she wasn’t taken seriously. READ … Read more

Akuapem Poloo Is in Jail Whilst A Scammer like Agradaa is Walking Free – Ghanaians Rain Fire on the Courts

nana agradaa akuapem poloo

Social media users are completely livid over the jailing of actress and social media nuisance Akuapem Poloo. Poloo has been sent back to prison for three months after her appeal against the sentence handed down by an Accra Circuit Court was denied by the Accra High Court. Poloo had initially been jailed for publication of … Read more

Nkurasi Avengers Agradaa And Tracey Boakye Are Battling Fiercely For Who Has The Worst Living Room Decor – Photos


If its not in you, it’s just not in you. No matter how much these two ladies try, their lame life will always leave a mark. Too much of everything must definitely be good for Agradaa and Tracey Boakye because the interior decoration of their homes are scary to say the least. People who were … Read more

I Would Have Been The Richest Scammer If I Was Living In America – ‘Evangelist’ Patricia Oduro Brags


Ghanaian fetish priestess turned evangelist, Nana Agradaa aka Patricia Oduro, is still basking in her old life. Nana Agradaa was a famous fetish priestess who allegedly doubled monies for clients. She run commercials on her television channel calling on people to come for a deity,  known as Sika Gari, which make people never run out … Read more

Yvonne Nelson Shockingly Fires Shots at Nana Agradaa on her Birthday – Video

yvonne nelson nana agradaa

Actress Yvonne Nelson has shockingly fired shots at Nana Agradaa out of the blue, on her birthday! Yvonne is celebrating her big day today and the last thing anyone would have expected from her is to find a way to start a beef with Nana Agradaa. It would be the most uncharacteristic thing ever – … Read more

New Borla Bird! – Nana Agradaa Trolled After Her No Makeup Photo with Unkempt Hair Looking Like A Witch Popped Up

nana agradaa

Apparently, the standard of beauty in Ghana is now measured according to Kumawood actress ‘Borla Bird’. Ei, sorry, we mean Tracey Boakye. Tracey has become the go-to for fashion and beauty fails in our industry. Nana Agradaa has suffered a beauty fail and all of a sudden, people are comparing her to Tracey Boakye. Recently, … Read more

Joyce Blessing Is A Joke, Agradaa Is the Smartest Scammer in Ghana – Linda Osei ‘Kofios’ Breaks Down their Beef

nana agradaa joyce blessing

Joyce Blessing has been described as a ‘joke’ by Linda Osei ‘Kofios’, the most hilarious Tiktoker in Ghana. On the other hand, Osei has described Nana Agradaa aka Evangelist Mama Pat as the smartest scammer in the country. Kofios has provided followers with a breakdown of the ongoing Agradaa-Joyce Blessing beef and it’s hilarious as … Read more

Joyce Blessing Goes Wild On Agradaa After She Used Her Photo On Her Poster – Warns Her To Remove It

nana agradaa joyce blessing

Embattled Ghanaian gospel musician, Joyce Blessing is unhappy that repented fetish priest, Nana Agradaa, now Evangelist Mama Pat has used her on her program. According to reports, Agradaa has used Joyce Blessing’s photo on her poster to promote her upcoming program. Apparently, Agradaa didn’t go into any contract with Joyce to feature her in her … Read more

Nana Agradaa Birthday – Enjoy Flamboyant Birthday Photos of ‘Vangelist’ Mama Pat

nana agradaa birthday

The wisest conwoman in Ghana right now, Evangelist Mama Patricia, real name Patricia Oduro Kwarteng and formerly known as Nana Agradaa, is celebrating her birthday. Agradaa turns a year older today, October 18th 2021. The exact new age of Mama Pat is not yet known. Although she’s shared over 10 birthday posts in just the … Read more

PHOTOS of the Day – Fella Makafui, Efya, Eno Barony, Nana Agradaa


Welcome to GhanaCelebrities.Com‘s daily photos of the day column. Here we gather photos we spotted on Instagram today that were posted by photo crazy Ghanaian celebrities. We have photos today from Fella Makafui, Efya Nokturnal, Eno Barony, Sister Derby, Vangelist Mama Patricia ‘Agradaa’ and many others. Enjoy the photos below…and make sure to click through … Read more

Meet The iPhone 13 Gang: Tracey Boakye, Nana Agradaa, Nana Aba Anamoah Plus All The Ghanaian Celebs Who Have Bought The New iPhone


The race is on for the next Ghanaian celebrity who will own the luxurious iPhone 13 from global phone manufacturing company, Apple. Sounds like a commercial of a competition right? That is because it is, well, only in my country Ghana. In Ghana, our celebrities make the most basic of things (like buying a phone) … Read more

You Went To Beg For Money Again Eh? – Ghanaians React After Seeing Afia Schwarzenegger Hanging Out With Nana Agradaa


Afia Schwarzenegger has taken her a*s licking to the doorstep of famous fetish priestess turned evangelist, Nana Agradaa. The two have been spotted in a video gone viral behaving as if they have known themselves for ages. Afia and Nana Agradaa exchanged pleasantries in the video. They looked so comfortable around each other that viewers … Read more

Nana Agradaa Celebrates As Police Allegedly Arrest Rev. Owusu Bempah – Photo


Information which has just surfaced online suggests that the Ghana Police stormed the church premises of famous preacher Rev. Owusu Bempah to arrest him. Although we cannot confirm how true this is but evangelist Patricia Oduro aka Nana Agradaa has began circulating photos of the supposed arrest on her Instagram page. She is also celebrating … Read more

Full Details Of Why Rev Owusu Bempah Stormed Agradaa’s House With Gunmen To Fight Her


Rev Owusu Bempah and some gunmen have stormed Agradaa’s house to allegedly fight her. In a video that has gone viral on social media, Rev Owusu Bempah and his assailants are seen in a posh car in front of Nana Agradaa’s house threatening her to come out. READ ALSO: Like Mother, Like Daughter – 2Face … Read more

Big Akwes Dumped You for Agradaa – Joyce Boakye Drops Keys About Evangelist Kani

gloria kani joyce boakye

Every one of Ghana’s so-called celebs wants to trend. Whatever they have to do to be in the news, they do it – even if it means taking off your clothes or engaging in embarrassing conduct. Joyce Boakye is the newest, most shameless attention seeker on the block. She will do anything for a few … Read more

I Promise To Pay Your Money In Full If You Bring Evidence That I Defrauded You – Evangelist Nana Agradaa Says

nana agradaa english

Evangelist Patricia Aseidu, also known as Nana Agradaa, has expressed willingness to compensate anyone who claims she has defrauded them. The former fetish priestess stated that she is ready to pay every penny only if the said person can provide evidence that she defrauded him/her. Nana Agradaa, now a self styled evangelist claimed that never … Read more

Big Akwes Broke After Agradaa Left Him – Now Selling Used Female Panties for Survival

big akwes pant

Ghanaian actor and former assistant to the great fetish priest Nana Agradaa, Big Akwes, now sells used female panties for survival. We’ve spotted Big Akwes in a video posted online soliciting for used panties with the seriousness of a trotro drugs salesman. You know those folks who stand in front of the trotro before a … Read more

Who Wins The New Ghanacelebrities UFC Title Between Rev. Owusu Bempah VRS Nana Agradaa? – Watch


Today’s Ghanacelebrities UFC title match is between the gutter-mouthed Evangelist Nana Agradaa and quack Prophet Owusu Bempah. Agradaa is way too obscene to be leading any congregation but we are in Ghana where religious leaders are held to no standard at all and can get away with being the foulest beings in the country. But … Read more

Agradaa Makes Aboozigi Moves As She Dumps Prophet Owusu Bempah’s Photos In The Water Closet And Flushes


Repented Ghanaian evangelist, Nana Agradaa, now Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng has pulled up one of her aboozigi moves! Agradaa has taken a strange attack at Prophet Owusu Bempah trying to undermine his personality. She has dumped photos and posters of Owusu Bempah in the water closet for weird reasons. READ ALSO: Photos Of Murdered Damango … Read more

Evangelist Mama Pat Is An Illiterate – Afia Schwarzenegger and Abeiku Santana Mock Agradaa

afia schwarzenegger mocks nana agradaa

“Abooozigi!” That was the caption on Afia Schwarzenegger’s post she made to mock Evangelist Mama Pat alongside a screenshot of a big grammatical error made by the evangelist.  Who died and made Afia the grammar police? She posted a screenshot of a post on the fetish priest turned pastor’s page which had the caption “Who … Read more

You’re Calling God Stupid If You Undergo Any Form Of Cosmetic Surgery – Evangelist Agradaa

nana agradaa english

As the world becomes more superficial by the day, modifying body parts in order to fit into modern society’s idea of a perfect body has become a norm. Most female celebrities who are considered attractive have most likely undergone some form of plastic surgery. READ ALSO: Scary Photos As Agradaa Pops Up With No Wig … Read more

Celebrating the End of Moesha Boduong—to Satan Be the Glory, CHRIS-VINCENT Writes

ayisha modi moesha

Moesha Boduong has always been a con artist. Therefore, it is not surprising that she has now found faith and Jesus Christ, the master con-artist. It’s the same faith and Jesus Christ that Nana Agraada also found a few months ago—after her fetish priest enterprise collapsed right in front of her. I hope you are … Read more

Scary Photos As Agradaa Pops Up With No Wig And Makeup

nana agradaa english

Former fetish priestess turned evangelist, Nana Agradaa has shared a no-makeup photo for the first time. In a video that is making rounds on social media, Agradaa, now Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng is seen without makeup or wig. Also, her trademark dreadlocks are gone! It’s rather surprising that Agradaa who is known for displaying glitz … Read more