PHOTOS: Nana Oye Lithur Poses for PHOTOS in EMPTY UN Conference Room | ‘Oye Was There Some’

Oye Lithur
Oye Lithur

Perhaps Ghana’s Gender and Social Protection Minister-Nana Oye Lithur wanted to prove to Ghanaians and her future grandchildren that “she was there some”—so she happily posed for photos at an empty UN conference room.

From the photos, ‘Mr. Lying Joe’ tells us that,  it looks like the minister of state waited for everyone to leave and then begged her way into the room—and then said; take me some shots so I can show my people back home.

The obsession of our leaders with posing for photos when they visit USA is pretty shocking—we all remember the sitting president-John Dramani’s criticized pose at CNN right? And now this?

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