You Can Now ‘Netflix And Chill’ in Ghana And Several African Countries | But Would Internet Cost And Connection Make This Even Possible?


Netflix and Chill
Netflix and Chill

Netflix, the global on-demand Internet streaming media platform has officially opened for business in Ghana and several African countries—making it possible for Africans who have been missing out on the Netflix fun to now join in.
After a successful launch in Asia in September, 2015, taking hold of Japan’s strong internet infrastructure; the American streaming company thinks Africa is its next big market.
In terms of population, Africa is huge but with its under-developed and astronomically expensive internet infrastructure, it surely seems like Netflix is in for a rough ride—or subscribers would have to pay through their teeth to be able to reliably stream even a single movie.
For instance, it is unbelievably expensive to stream a common Youtube video in Ghana—provided you have the patience to endure the slow internet connection and the many cuts. Therefore, it seems only the few affluent Ghanaians will be joining the ‘Netflix and chill’ party.

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