Bombshell: Nick Cannon Set to Get Back with Mariah Carey, Says They Belong Together – Video


In a recent interview, American actor Nick Cannon expressed his desire to get back with his ex-wife, Mariah Carey. The actor has made it clear how much he likes his ex-wife, singer Mariah, despite the fact that he continues to have relationships with other women. READ ALSO: Poor Britney Spears Runs Out of Fuel on … Read more

Nick Cannon Talks About How He is Doing After Mariah Carey Split, Removing Her Tattoo from His Back & More

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

To think that some years back Nick Cannon stepped into the musical boxing ring to fight Eminem because of Mariah Carey even though he knew Shady was the definition of rap—and now, it is all over for him makes it sad.

But Nick says all is well with him—and he is taking each day at a time so we should not be worried. We guess Eminem will be laughing out loud, despite having murdered Cannon in the diss ring.

Speaking to Extra today at the Los Angeles during the premiere of ‘Addicted’, Nick had some few things to say, including on the recent drama surrounding Mariah Carey’s vocal flop.

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