Nick Cannon Recognises How Dumb He Was | Cleans Mariah Tattoo off His Back

Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon

Apart from the fact that it is a little dumb to tattoo the name of any person on your skin—even if the person is your human messiah, it may also cost you a lot of money to get it removed one day if the person decides to change his or her name. Better still, if the person was your partner and dumps your butt…

Rapper and Mr. I do everything-Nick Cannon made headlines some years back when he got a big tattoo at his back—Mariah, was the word and even back then, we still said; this guy must be really be dumb.

After his marriage to Mariah Carey collapsed over cheating rumours, it was expected that the tattoo will disappear too.

Nick was recently spotted without a shirt—and as expected, he has cleaned the Mariah tattoo—or let’s say, he has covered it with something else. At least this time, it is not the name of his new woman.

Let’s hope dude has learnt some sense.

Nick Cannon2
Nick Cannon

And for those who missed it, a Ghanaian actress-Vicky Zugah recently tattoo’d the nickname of her boyfriend on her waist–and it is HUGE.

Check out the photo below…

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