Obesity and Rap Music | What’s the Correlation?

Fat Joe
Fat Joe

Obesity is a term most people are familiar with whether on television, in school or anywhere. Most of us know the adverse effects of obesity so my intention is not to draw your attention to the risks involved. I am writing about obesity and hip hop or rap music. What is the correlation?

I believe among all the genres in the world, hip hop has been the most accommodating in terms of obesity since its inception in the early 70’s. Hip hop has always been that genre that promotes subtly an undisciplined lifestyle; once you have the women, the swag, the money or at least rap about the money you don’t have or you seem to promote vice, people will love you. I am a huge fan of rap music regardless, an ardent follower at that.

Since the early to mid-nineties, there has been an attempt (whether intentional or not) to make room for an obese rapper in the industry in every generation. It started with the introduction of Christopher Wallace popularly known as Notorious BIG aka Biggie Smalls.

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