Even If You Put A Man Under The Ocean, He Will Find A Mermaid And Cheat With Her- Twitter Lady


A Twitter lady is shaking a table and I am sure there are people about to have a late lunch on this particular table. As established by lots of people with¬†rapper Akon confirming it, men are liable to cheat— they do not need any special skill to get on with that. According to one Twitter … Read more

You Have Gripped My Soul With A Ferocity Reserved For A Castaway Clinging To A Raft In The Middle Of The Ocean- A Nigerian Lesbian To Her Partner On Their 2nd Anniversary


I find it strange that people are still stagnant and living in the same place we left them when the issue of homos*xuality comes into the conversation. Is love not supposed to be love whichever way it comes or I am missing a point. I always say that what two consenting adults decide to with … Read more