Adorable Photos of Odartey Lamptey’s Cute Legitimate Son Pops Up – Photos


Legendary Ghanaian footballer, Eric Nii Odartey Lamptey, popular Odartey Lamptey had to begin life afresh after it turned out that his 3 kids from his previous marriage were not his biological children. Nii Odartey Lamptey had to divorce his former wife, Gloria Appiah to remarry and give birth to his legit children after being married … Read more

I Will Commit Suicide if My Wife Treats Me Like Odartey Lamptey – Prophet Kumchacha Says


Prophet Kumchacha says he would have committed suicide if he was to experience half of the inhumane treatment retired footballer Nii Odartey Lamptey is going through. The prophet disclosed in an interview that he would have ended up taking his life if it was his wife that was treating him the way the former footballer … Read more

Dome Is Not My Class, I Want to Live in East Legon – Odartey Lamptey’s Ex-Wife Files ANOTHER Appeal

odartey lamptey ex-wife appeal

Jezebel never gives up! The ex-wife of Nii Odartey Lamptey, Gloria Appiah, has once again filed an appeal to keep the East Legon mansion belonging to the ex-footballer. According to her, she cannot stay in Dome – she wants to be an East Legon landlady. Gloria Appiah has filed a 3rd appeal as a last … Read more

Emotional Odartey Lamptey Speaks About His Infamous Ordeal With His Ex-Wife – Says No Man Should Ever Experience Such Pain

odartey lamptey ex-wife

Legendary Ghanaian footballer, Nii Odartey Lamptey has spoken about the traumatic experience with his ex-wife Gloria, saying he prays that no fellow man goes through such a painful experience. The former Ghana Black Stars and Anderlecht Striker, who had five children with his ex-wife, discovered 20 years after marriage through a DNA test that he … Read more

Odartey Lamptey’s Ex-wife Gloria Appiah Hot As She’s Been Ordered To Pack Out Of Her 7 Bedroom East Legon Mansion

odartey lamptey ex-wife

Ex-football star, Odartey Lamptey’s ex-wife, Gloria Appiah is currently in hot water as she’s been asked to leave her 7 bedroom East Legon mansion which she’s been fighting over for years. The Appeal Court has apparently thrown out her appeal to be awarded her former husband’s 7 bedroom East Lagon mansion as part of her … Read more

Beautiful Pictures Of Odartey Lamptey And His Twins Pop Up On Social Media — PHOTO


For now, we can boldly say that former Ghana Black Stars player Odartey Lamptey has properly recovered from the shock and surprise he went through when he discovered through DNA that all the kids he had with his wife were not his.

Few years ago many Ghanaians were shocked to the marrow when Odartey Lamptey revealed to the Ghanaian media that the children he has catered together with his wife for so many years are not his. He went ahead to divorce the wife and moved on with his life.

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Odartey Lamptey Weeps On Live Tv As He Tells His Story But Announces Baby Number 3 With New Wife

Odartey Lamptey

Ex-footballer Nii Odartey Lamptey couldn’t hold back his tears on Gh One Tv as he narrated how he was grossly cheated by his greedy ex-wife Gloria Lamptey for 21 years.

According to Mr. Lamptey, it was even Gloria who approached him way back before their relationship started – making us believe Gloria calculated digging all the treasures in Odartey’s life from the scratch.

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Must See Photos: Odartey Lamptey Finally Shows His OWN Daughters


About three years ago former Black Stars player, Nii Odartey Lamptey was utterly heartbroken as DNA tests revealed that he was not the biological father of his three daughters with estranged wife Gloria Odartey Lamptey. But God had greater plans for him — now he has birthed his own children — two adorable daughters with … Read more

The Pokello, Gloria Lamptey & Elikem Nonsense | We Hate to Say ‘We Told You So’ + Elikem ADMITS Chopping Down Odartey Lamptey’s Wife & Apologises on Twitter

Elikem Tweets

We’ve always maintained that Elikem is a goddam liar and wrote a whole article on this ( You can read it here) and over the months, we’ve constantly stated that, Elikem is nothing more than a scumbag, full of gigolo and opportunist tools.

In our news breaking article in August 2013 exposing the Elikem and Gloria Lamptey-the wife of a former Ghanaian footballer’s relationship, we wrote;

“One man’s wife is another man’s banging mate—it must surely hurt…

A certain retired Ghanaian footballer who is probably being weakened by old age is being subjected to gross disrespect by his wife—as she continues to have sexual relationship with a young Ghanaian Big Brother star.

Knowing that a woman is married and proceeding to have a sexual relationship with her is not only contemptuous to her husband, it should also tell you the sort of woman she is…

A Ghanaian Big Brother Africa star who has bragged to friends and others about his interest in holding sexual relationship with women older than him is seriously spanking the wife of a former Black Star striker who also played in England during his peak days, GhanaCelebrities.Com has learned.”

Elikem Tweets
Elikem Tweets

And don’t forget we’ve always doubted this Elikem and Pokello so called relationship—it was one of those scams put in place, so that Elikem and Gloria Lamptey’s relationship would continue to flourish under the radar—so the Pokello-Elikem relationship was more of a publicity stunt for Pokello and more of a hideout for Elikem.

Anyway, the 3 funny musketeers are back in the news—and for many hours on social media yesterday, things got nasty with Pokello calling out Gloria Lamptey for chasing Elikem and threatening her on numerous occasions while Elikem was with her.

Pokello must be suffering from early dementia to wake up suddenly and believing, that Elikem was in some sort of a serious relationship with her. I guess that is why we always advise; don’t take any sort of drugs kids…

For Elikem, his heart goes where his mouth can be fed—and as such, Gloria Lamptey has a hold on him, GhanaCelebrities.Com is told.

Elikem and Pokello
Elikem and Pokello

Just last month, GhanaCelebrities.Com stated in an article that; “Even though Elikem has come out to deny chopping down Gloria Lamptey—and has even gone ahead on live TV to propose to Pokello, a woman he claims to be in a serious relationship with, our source close to Gloria says Elikem is still actively in Gloria’s life.

According to our source, Odartey Lamptey’s 45 years old ex-wife who is capable of being Elikem’s mother has been pulling every stunt in the book to keep her relationship with Elikem alive.

Apparently, Gloria is so obsessed with Elikem to the extent that even though Pokello is in the picture, she is not ready to be the loser—and day in and out, she continues to bombard Pokello with threats while treating Elikem to some cash, to get him more glued.”

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VIDEO: Odartey Lamptey Talks About the State of His Relationship With the Kids He Once Thought Were His…

Odartey Lamptey is a real man to be walking about and doing what he does. I cannot even imagine how I will take if if kids that I’ve loved, cared for, educated among others, thinking they were mine—are later shown through DNA as not mine. The former Blackstar player sat down with Ama K. Abebrese … Read more

Following Odartey Lamptey’s Case, Another Retired Ghanaian Footballer Wants DNA Tests

Arthur Moses
Arthur Moses

Reports say, retired Ghanaian footballer-Arthur Moses is going the Odartey Lamptey way—-seeking for DNA test on his kids….

It seems Ghanaian footballers ought to be more careful than they are and for those who have not been, DNA has to be the next step.

Fame and money is not all, when it comes to women—-John Mensah and Odartey Lamptey’s case is a clear indication of this…


According to GhanaSoccernet;

Ex-Ghana striker Arthur Moses says his kids will undergo DNA tests to ascertain their paternity as messy divorce cases involving Ghanaian footballers grows. The former Marseille attacker has warned current Ghanaian players to be careful of the women they marry, claiming majority of them are gold-diggers.

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