Mona Gucci Laughably Claims She’s A Women Empowerment Advocate Despite All Evidence To The Contrary


If you are looking for one person who is all about empowering women, Mona Gucci is probably the last name that would come to mind. After fighting with her fellow women every other day and shaming some with secrets best kept to herself if she really cared so much about women, Mona Gucci in a … Read more

Exodus – Two Top Journalists Leave Angel Fm To Join Captain Smart At Onua FM


Two journalists have left Angel Fm to follow Captain Smart to Onua Fm. The loudmouth journalist got suspended from Angel Fm for attacking government officials. He later resigned, leaving ABN to join Onua Fm. It appears he is now poaching talents from his former workplace. READ ALSO: Angry Abena Korkor Releases WhatsApp Chats Between Herself … Read more