READERS’ MAIL: Open Letter to Striking Ghanaian Doctors…I Witnessed A Young Man Die From Asthma this Morning | Why Should the Innocent Ghanaian Suffer?

Doctor in Ghana
Doctor in Ghana

Dear Ghanaian Doctors,

I understand the root cause of the indefinite strike is the long-over due salary increases and the inability of government to resolve concerns over service conditions. I comprehend your lament because the requirement in your profession is very consuming but most often we overlook the trust, faith and work output in your services.

It is quite difficult to separate fact from exaggeration during doctors’ strikes due to media hype and the politics played around it. But the fundamental question remains: Should the innocent Ghanaian suffer??

Just this morning, I witnessed a young man die from asthma because there were no doctors present at the time needed. A huge depth of grief filled my heart as the situation could have been avoided but this innocent man is long gone due to our selfish, maligned interest.

Forgive me but I am lost for words in terms of lexicon to surpass the situation and experience I had this morning. How many lives are still being played this moment due to our differential interest?

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