Influencer Gets Over 100 Comments After Criticising ‘Our Day’ But Only 3 Comments After Sharing Post of Children in Need of Funds for Surgery

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The fascination of Ghanaians with complete nonsense and rejection of important issues has been brilliantly exposed. A social media influencer posted two tweets, one on the Oswald situation, which is a relatively useless but trending story, and a story of kids who needed funds for surgery. You can imagine which one Ghanaians reacted to most! … Read more

GRA To Go After Oswald’s Teacher Mrs Appiah For Tax After She Received Plenty Gifts And Donations


The Ghana Revenue Authority has revealed that they will soon go after legendary Oswald’s madam, Mrs Appiah for tax after she received several gifts and donations during the ‘Our Day’ celebration. On the verified Instagram page of the GRA, the company has issued a report that they will go for gift tax from Mrs Appiah. … Read more

Oswald’s Parents Should Be Ashamed, they Look Like Beggars – Adom Fm Presenter Goes Wild

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Adom Fm presenter Miketwo Miketwo has gone ballistic on the parents of the ‘Our Day’ boy, Oswald. According to Miketwo, the couple should be ashamed of themselves for bringing their son out in that manner to be catered for by others when they are very capable of looking after him. According to him, they are … Read more

Video Drops as Kidi, Dope Nation Plus Other Celebs Storm Oswald’s School To Perform For Them – Watch

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3 Music Awards Artist of the year KiDi, Dope Nation and some others have stormed Christ Ambassadors School to perform for Oswald and his friends as they celebrate Our Day. Kidi expressed interest in performing for Oswald after the boy became a trending topic on social media. DopeNation and other celebs joined the bandwagon later … Read more

‘Our Day’ Boy Oswald Receives A New Jeep – Video

oswald receives car

The kind of attention young Oswald is drawing at this moment is becoming out of this world. Oswald, for those unfamiliar with the 21st century and social media trends, is a young Ghanaian boy who has become the trending topic of today. Why is he trending, you ask? He wrote an ‘Our Day’ letter to … Read more

SarkNation In Pain As Oswald’s ‘Our Day’ Celebration Trends Ahead of Overhyped ‘No Pressure’


Sarkodie just released his seventh studio album ‘No Pressure’ and it was expected to be the biggest story today. The Sark Natives have been working around the clock these past weeks to create some buzz for the album. Unfortunately for Sark Nation, a rather unforeseen trend is dominating social media and totally overshadowing the much-hyped … Read more

Brilliant Little Boy Oswald Goes Viral With Legendary Our Day List To His Mum – Top Companies Offer Life-Changing Support

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One mindless tweet can change your life. A wishlist from son to mummy has changed the life of the 9-year-old “our day” boy.  From a tweet innocently shared by a tweep which had a picture of an “our day” list of the son of his colleague at work, a series of good news kept unfolding … Read more