Video + Photos: Jackie Appiah Speaks About Her Role In Roger Quartey’s New Movie ‘Death After Birth’

Jackie Appiah On Death After Birth Set
Jackie Appiah On Death After Birth Set

Co-winner of 2010 Africa Movie Academy Awards [AMAAs] and 2011 Ghana Movie Awards [GMAs] Best Actress Jackie Appiah is breaking new grounds. Aside having several movies to show for her acting prowess, she seems to have ‘upped’ her game a little bit by playing a role in a movie that appear to be the only role she has not played before since she broke into stardom several years ago.

Adorable Jackie Appiah as most of her fans calls her is playing Zynell, a prisoner in the upcoming emotion movie ‘Death After Birth’, a tale of tragedy, pain and sorrow from the stables of Roger Q Production, the producers of the hit movie ‘Turn Me On’.

The movie ‘Death After Birth’ is an emotional story of a young girl, Zynell [played by Jackie Appiah] who was born out of the rape of her mother.

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