Man Down! – When ‘Man of God’ Majid Michel Got Sandwiched by Two Heavy Tundras – Photo

majid michel

Actor turned man of God Majid Michel had his resolve tested recently after being cornered by two Moesha level tundras. Majid was captured in a photo in the middle of a powerful sandwich, flanked on both sides by these two ladies. The ladies were powerfully endowed and were dressed to perfectly highlight what their maker … Read more

Religion Is the Root of All Evil — ‘Pastor’ Majid Michel Makes A Shocking U-Turn And Blasts Religion- VIDEO


If you’re yet to see a miracle unfold today, then you’ve come to the right place because have we got one for you!

Actor Majid Michel, who in recent times has become a fundamentalist preacher lecturing anyone who would listen about religion, has all of a sudden turned on religion, describing it as one of the evilest things known to mankind.

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CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: The Ignorance and Stupidity of 'Pastor' Majid Michel EXPOSED–Dude is No Different to Bishop Obinim and the Others


I am sometimes compelled to believe that the most unintelligent profession in the world is becoming a pastor or a man of God–that’s even if it’s worthy of being called a profession, considering the lack of ethics of those in it. Reading a ‘holy book’ and throwing whatever interpretation you can fetch out of it … Read more