I Slacked A Lot – Elikem Kumordzie Begs Ex-Wife Pokello For Second Chance As She Marks Her Birthday


Elikem Kumordzie the tailor is on social media begging for another chance from his long lost ex-wife Pokello. Today marks the birthday of Pokello Nare, a Zimbabwean socialite who got married to Elikem in 2014, and the celebrity tailor capitalized on the glorious occasion to shoot his shot one more time hoping to catch her … Read more

Elikem And Pokello Got Married? | We Don’t Think So!

Elikem and Pokello6

Considering the characters involved, it’s more likely that this is one of their many ways via which they go after attention—so we are not buying into the developing story that somewhere in Zimbabwe, Elikem and Pokello have gotten married.

The below photos of Elikem and Pokello with the family of Pokello which would pass for an annual family thanksgiving service at church or something like that have gotten people talking—with some of the blogs saying the two are married.

These two are attention wh*res and if they really got married, we bet they would have made more noise about it than just post some ‘lousy’ photos out there on facebook and allow people to just speculate.

Anyway, you can flip through the pages for the photos—we certainly think the two are not married.

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Elikem Kumordzi Impregnates NEW Lover + Breaks up With Pokello | Just Like We Said!

Elikem and Pokello
Elikem and Pokello

I am laughing at the people surprised by this news because personally, I am not. All news surrounding Elikem after Big brother have proven that he is a play boy extraordinaire.

And given the history of women he dates, I am most certain he is usually in for the financial gains so with Pokello, I have been patiently waiting for the charade to end and for reality to start.

In September 2013 when the whole Elikem and Pokello relationship took over the media, GhanaCelebrities.Com maintained it was a scam, a publicity stunt and will not last.

We wrote at the time; “Knowing how Elikem rolls, we know Pokello is not his kind of woman as she is cash starved—though she may easily meet the age requirement.

We all know the two who claim to be love birds are swimming in a pool of publicity stunt. But as usual, as African Celebrities who do not know how to employ publicity stunts—they are making it too obvious with their ‘suppose’ relationship.

It is enough that you want people to loosely believe the two of you are an item in an attempt to get media attention and the people talking.

But to quickly jump from there and start talking marriage makes the whole concept WEAK. Even the biggest idiot can see through it”.

Anyway, if you haven’t heard it yet, because it’s fresh news, then read it here…

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