She Didn’t Return It! Chioma Spotted in Town Still Driving Davido’s ‘Assurance’ Porsche

davido chioma party

The ‘Assurance’ might have been broken but the car remains. Whilst they were dating, Davido bought a Porsche for Chioma as part of his ‘Assurance’ to marry her. As we now know, that assurance was a myth. Davido has been dating other ladies and Chioma’s family has returned her bride price. The engagement is off! … Read more

A Fan Wants To Know Why Chioma Has Never Been Seen In Her Porsche And Davido Gave The Perfect Answer, Even Offered Him A Job


Actor Fred Nuamah has gifted his wife a brand new Porsche Cayenne Turbo worth $200,000.00 and this has raised eyebrows— not directed at him though. Months ago, Davido bought a brand new customized Porsche Sports Utility Vehicle for Chioma, the Assurance Car and fans are wondering why they have never seen her riding in it. READ ALSO: (VIDEO) There … Read more