Yvonne Nelson Speaks On Being Mercy Johnson’s Bridesmaid

Mercy Johnson And Yvonne Nelson
Mercy Johnson And Yvonne Nelson

You may by now know my stand as far as the whole Mercy Johnson wedding is concerned. Wrecking a family somewhere to make one is absolute absurd to me and the wedding is a prototype.

I detest such immoral acts as much as those who play central part in making it happen…This reminds of an adage my Uncle used to tell me when I was young. It goes like….The lizard on the wall is not very much pissed off by the little boy who throws a stone at it but then the friend of the boy standing  beside him, giving him appraisals and saying, you got a good eye for hitting the lizard on spot…

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Out Of Box Story- Audio: Mercy Johnson’s Wedding Is Not CANCELLED…PR Says So

Contrary to stories circulating online which has it that Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson’s up-coming wedding is cancelled as a result of issues surrounding the marital status of his soon to be husband ‘Prince Odi’, the actress’ PR has stated categorically on radio today that, the wedding is GONNA come on… Walahi  so Mercy is ready to marry … Read more