I Don’t Want To Get Married Or Have Kids- Traumatized Princess Shyngle Gives Up On Love


Gambian-Ghanaian Actress, Princess Shyngle, has revealed that she’s done with love in her life. Shyngle, traumatised after a couple of marriages gone awry, said she has no iinterest in marriage anymore, neither is she in any way thinking of having kids. According to her, all she needs now is a man to take care of … Read more

I Charge $30,000 For A Date – Princess Shyngle Reveals Her Price For Hook Up


Princess Shyngle has boldly disclosed on social media how much it will cost any man interested in taking her out on a date to have a good time. Female celebrities usually get advances from fans and admirers in their line of work, especially if they are good-looking or have curvy body features. Actress Princess Shyngle … Read more

We Need To Get Snatched – Princess Shyngle Says As She Grants Her First Interview in The USA


Gambian-born Ghanaian actress Princess Shyngle granted her first television interview in the USA and she went for one purpose only. For about 4 years, Shyngle has not granted any interview or spoken to the media on any topic about her life or work. The curvy actress has been battling monsters in her head when it … Read more

Stop the Ashawo and Go Look for Your Own Husband – Princess Shyngle Hot as Fans Drag her for Posting Photo with Idris Elba Declaring her Love

idril elba princess shyngle

After two failed marriages, actress Princess Shyngle appears determined to destroy someone else’s marriage so they fall in the same soup as her. Shyngle has decided to wreck Idris Elba’s marriage by hook or crook. The Gambian actress who rarely appears in movies, has taken to social media to cause some mischief. She shared a … Read more

Princess Shyngle Reveals Shocking Plan to Catch her Next Cheating Husband After Two Failed Marriages

princess shyngle ex husband

Princess Shyngle has shared some priceless lessons she learnt after two failed marriages and numerous broken hearts. According to the Ghanaian born Gambian actress, she has developed a potent way of catching a cheating husband and she is going to use it in her next relationship should she decide to give love another chance. Princess … Read more

PHOTOS of the Day – Moesha Boduong, Princess Shyngle, Sarkodie, Benedicta Gafah, Gyakie


GhanaCelebrities.Com have once again gathered the best celebrity photos of the day for the enjoyment of our avid readers. Our photos of the day column is a compilation of the best celebrity photos we come across on the gram during any given day. Today, we have photos from Moesha Boduong, Princess Shyngle, Sarkodie, Gyakie, Benedicta … Read more

I Lost My Pregnancy Due to My Super-thin Waist – Princess Shyngle Reveals


Gambian-born Ghanaian-based actress and real-life barbie doll, Princess Shyngle, has exclusively revealed why she destroyed her pregnancy as she was due to deliver in January 2022. According to Princess Shyngle who has never been in the news for a good reason, she was told by doctors that her fallopian tube will burst and she will … Read more

Boys Are Tired of Fake Body – Fans React As Princess Shyngle Announces She’s Now Lesbian

princess shyngle lesbian

I feel this isn’t the first time she’s done it but Gambian actress (she says she’s not Ghanaian) Princess Shyngle has announced she’s now a lesbian. She says she’s no longer interested in men but would now look for ladies to love. At the same time, men have also announced that she can leave – … Read more

God Doesn’t Want Another You That’s Why You Will Forever Remain Barren – Princess Shyngle’s Ex Fires Back at her

princess shyngle ex husband

Princess Shyngle‘s ex-husband has fired hot missiles at her for coming out to claim that he is stalking her and threatening to kill her. He has cursed her and said she would never give birth because God does not want another b*tch like her to come to this planet. Princess Shyngle has been complaining about … Read more

My Life’s In Danger from My Ex-Husband – Princess Shyngle Runs Crying to Atalanta Police and FBI for Protection

princess shyngle ex husband

Princess Shyngle is back complaining about something online – you know it’s either something deadly serious or she’s tired of not trending for weeks. The Gambian actress has shared alleged screenshots of threatening messages her ex-husband, Bala Gaye, has sent her. Shyngle claims her ex is obsessed with her and refuses to let her go … Read more

Princess Shyngle Spotted On A Rich Man’s Yacht In Skimpy Bikini Partying Hard – Video

princess shyngle no makeup

Actress Princess Shyngle has moved on from whatever marriage wahala she recently had and is now chilling her hearts out on some rich man’s yacht. The Gambian actress – she says we should stop calling her a Ghanaian actress – is out there in a skimpy bikini getting ready to be pounded. A video of … Read more

Trolls Attack Me For Being Fake But God Comes Through For Me – Princess Shyngle Reacts To Being Named Curviest African Celebrity


Princess Tapoli after doing all she can to alter her natural body is ironically thanking God for being named the curviest African woman for the sixth year in a row. According to Princess Shyngle, she works very hard daily to maintain her body and feels so honored to be given such recognition. She tried to … Read more

Princess Shyngle Exposes Pastor Gabriel – Shares Last Audio Message Moesha Sent Her Before Repenting


Princess Shyngle, a famous Ghanaian slay queen in the Moesha circle, has joined the many celebrities who have provided evidence to claims that Pastor Gabriel Ibe is fake. Pastor Gabriel Ibe is the man of God who ‘helped’ actress and model Moesha Boduong accept God and become born again. Yesterday, IG blogger Cutie Juls revealed … Read more

I Feel Attacked By Your Ignorance – BB Naija Uriel Blasts Yvonne Nelson Over Waist Trainers and Slimming Tea

yvonne nelson waist trainer

BB Naija star Uriel has come hard for Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson for daring to suggest waist trainers and slimming tea doesn’t work. Yvonne decided to do the Lord’s work last Sunday and took to social media to discourage ladies from using waist trainers, slimming tea and other products they think can give them a … Read more

Yvonne Nelson Takes Shot at Princess Shyngle – ‘Stop Deceiving the Youth, No Waist Trainers Can Give A Tapoli Body’

yvonne nelson princess shyngle

Actress Yvonne Nelson has fired wild missiles at her colleague Princess Shyngle for wrongly influencing the youth with her waist trainer nonsense. Princess Shyngle is well known as the godmother of waist trainers in Ghana. She has a ridiculous shape which is attributed to years of using waist trainers. She makes a good living using … Read more

Princess Shyngle Shocks With No Makeup, No Wig, No Waist Trainer Photo – See The Real Princess Shyngle

princess shyngle no makeup

Will the real Princess Shyngle please stand up? The Gambian-Ghanaian actress has taken to social media to share with fans what she looks like when she wakes up every morning without all the accessories. We’re talking wig and makeup, we’re talking 6-inch heels and 1-inch nails. We’re talking about the whole gamut of modern accoutrements … Read more

Juicy Details of How Princess Shyngle Snatched her Abusive Ex-Husband from His Girl – Karma Got her In the End


Princess Shyngle used ‘bestie bestie’ as a smokescreen to snatch her abusive ex-husband from his then partner, it has been revealed. Shyngle herself revealed on social media that the first man she ever married was a man she snatched from his partner by pretending they were best friends. According to her, for 10 years they … Read more

Slay Queens Who Undergo Plastic Surgery to Enlarge Their Butt Have No Sense And Princess Shyngle Is a Perfect Example – Ibrah One Attacks


Ibrah One, Ghana’s number one talkative, has launched a cyber attack on all slay queens especially Princess Shyngle. Ibrah labelled Princess Shyngle and every slay queen who has gone under the knife to enhance their butt as senseless. READ ALSO: Slay Queen Convention As Moesha, Efya and Others Storm Wendy Shay’s Album Launch – Videos … Read more

Princess Shyngle Jumps Into A New Relationship – Gets A Tattoo Of New Boo- VIDEO


It appears Princess Shyngle is on her next relationship. The Gambian doll has taken to her Instagram page to reveal that she is getting a new tattoo of someone special and asking fans to make a guess. READ ALSO: Nyhira At 1 – Tracey Boakye Drops Cute Photos To Celebrate Her Baby Girl’s First Birthday … Read more

I’ll Love To Date A Richer And Prettier Older Woman – Princess Shyngle Turns Full Lesbian After 2nd Divorce


The queen of drama, Princess Shyngle is at it again! She has touched on her s*xuality and juiced it up for her fans— Shyngle says she is a proud bis*xual and she has described the kind of ladies she is into. READ ALSO: You Will Never Know Peace In This Life!- Lydia Forson Rains Curses … Read more

Confused Princess Shyngle Says She Wants to Date A Womanizer After Leaving Her Marriage due to Abuse – Does She Even Know What She Wants?


– Just a few days ago, Princess Shyngle dramatized her entire life on social media once again. According to her, she is leaving her marriage of three months her husband she made the envy of the world has been beating the life out of her and she has had just about enough. READ ALSO: I … Read more

Gambians Are The Worst People On Earth; I Want Nothing To Do With Them!- Princess Shyngle Bitterly Says As She Denounces Her Country


We know Princess Shyngle is wallowing about her three months failed marriage, what we do not know is why she is denouncing her country. The Gambian dolls says she does not want to associate herself with anything that has even a tad of Gambia to it. According to her, she is so done with that … Read more

My Marriage Ended Because I Publicized It On Social Media – I Have Learnt My Lessons – Princess Shyngle Cries

princess shyngle ex husband

If you are an avid follower of Princess Shyngle, the recent happenings in her life would not surprise you at all. Shyngle literally breathes and lives drama and controversy. She loves to be in the news for all the wrong reasons. She is in the news again following news that her three months marriage has … Read more

Princess Shyngle Teases Ex-Husband As She Flaunts Curvy Body in Tight Bodycon – Photos


Battling divorce and depression, Princess Shyngle has run back to the only thing that makes her happy, social media. The Gambian-Ghanaian barbie doll is back on social media flaunting her incredibly curvy body for likes and comments to fill the sadness in her heart. Shyngle is currently in the U.S after her second failed marriage … Read more

Princess Shyngle’s Husband Speaks – Begs Her To Return Home

princess shyngle ex husband

Ghanaian based Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle has said that she wants a divorce because she’s being abused in her marriage. According to Princess Shyngle, her husband, Gibou Bala Gaye beats her, to the point that he even pulled a gun on her. READ ALSO: Joe Mettle Finally Speaks – Makes Bold Statement About Divorce Claims … Read more

Princess Shyngle Runs Back To Ex-Boyfriend After Her 3 Months Old Marriage Ends- VIDEO


Princess Shyngle is as usual making headlines for all the wrong reasons. She is claiming that she has ended her three months marriage with her Gambian rich husband. According to Shyngle, the divorce papers are ready and all that needs to be done is for him to sign. READ ALSO: Abena Moet Involved In An … Read more