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Prophet T.B Joshua Reveals What God Told Him After His Fasting And Prayers


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AUDIO: Prophet T. B Joshua BRIBED Journalists to Cover Up Deaths from the Collapse of His Building-Nigerian Journalist Nicholas Ibekwe Reveals

T B Joshua Bribes Journalists
T B Joshua Bribes Journalists

Most Africans stand for nothing and as such, fall for everything. Similarly, many of us have no integrity and have made MONEY the ultimate in our lives, irrespective of what we do to get the money.

It is out of this attitude and mindset that corruption has taken over our countries, bribery has become the order of the day and insane things are being done by almost everyone in order to make some money.

Today, a Nigerian journalists- Nicholas Ibekwe posted an audio online to back allegations that Prophet T.B Joshua BRIBED journalists who covered the collapse of the Synagogue building which we are so far told over 80 people have died.

For journalists who were covering the building collapse for their respective media houses, the man of God-T.B Joshua bribed them each with N50,000 (about 300 dollars) and as expected, he wouldn’t call it a bribe. He said, that is for them to use to fuel their cars.

Interestingly, after having given them the money, he asked them what they intend to write with some of the journalists saying, they will write whatever he wants them to write—“just as he said”…

So T.B Joshua asked that, they should write or talk about the people who have survived or have been rescued and not give attention to those who have died.

There is no honesty left anywhere—even in the media. Each day, people buy and others attempt to buy the conscience of media men who are supposed to stay honest and independent, making it more difficult to believe what you come across in the news.

I guess it is only those with some little honesty and the ability to resist the tools of bribery, conscience buying and corruption who can say what is on their mind as media men—and as such, we should respect these few, even if we do not agree with them.

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Prophet T.B Joshua Predicts Economic Doom For Ghana; Urges Prayers for the Cedi!

T.B Joshua


What is the problem with some religious people? So now God cares so much about the cedi than the dollar or any other currency right?

Instead of us looking for better economic policies to engage in competition at the international front so that our cedi will begin to pick up against the other currencies, we keep talking about prayers.

And now, T.B Joshua has also jumped unto the wagon…


According to RadioXYZ;

Famous Nigerian Pastor, T.B. Joshua has asked Ghanaians to pray for the recovery of their local currency. He has also predicted frightening economic doom and downturn for Ghana.

The cedi has drastically fallen in value against the dollar and other major international currencies.

The situation has compelled the Bank of Ghana to announce a tall list of measures aimed at shoring up the Cedi. The Bank has also injected US$20 million into critical sectors of the economy toward the same end.

XYZ News monitored, via Emmanuel TV on Sunday, Prophet Joshua’s live sermon to his congregation at the Synagogue Church of All Nation (SCOAN), headquartered in Nigeria, at which event he said Ghana, as well as Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya, will suffer certain economic challenges this year.

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