Don’t Be Too Impressed If A ‘Prophet’ Tells You Something Personal – They Probably Got it from Social Media – Actor Omar Sherrif Captan


Ghanaian actor Omar Sheriff Captan has warned churchgoers to be wary of so-called prophets who manage to tell you information about yourself without you telling them. One way prophets build credibility with their followers is to find strangers in the church who they’re able to call up and then tell them information about them nobody … Read more

Prophet Promises To Divert The Earthquake Set To Hit Ghana But Stopping Floods Is Beyond His Capabilities


It is amazing how we have such “powerful” people in Ghana who can promise heaven and earth but we’re still the same old shithole Trump said we are. People parade themselves as “Men of God” and promise the gullible “sheeple” all sorts of ridiculous things. Men of God in Ghana can cure AIDS and cancer, … Read more