TT Made Over A Billion Just 4 Months Ago, This Is Too Much – Ayisha Modi Embarrasses Psalm Adjeteyfio


Ayisha Modi, aka Mother Theresa has exposed TT for lying about his situation claiming people have withdrawn from helping him after Vice President Dr Bawumia gave him GHC 50,000. According to Ayisha Modi, TT made over a billion just 4 months ago after the VEEP doled out the GHC 50,000 to him. Ayisha Modi has … Read more

NII SMILEY BYTE Writes – A Professional Beggar and A Pathological Liar – Psalm Adjeteyfio Deserves No One’s Sympathy Or Money

psalm adjeteyfio

The simple fact about Adjeteyfio is this – he’s lazy, irresponsible, ungrateful, a pathological liar and a burden on society.

I Used 20k of Bawumia’s Money to Buy A Taxi for My Deadbeat Son and Ghc 30k for A Plot of Land – TT Explains


Veteran Ghanaian actor turned Professional beggar Psalm Adjeteyfio has revealed how he spent the Ghc50k he received from the Vice President. According to him, he spent Ghc 20,000 to buy a used taxi for his deadbeat son who couldn’t find his own job. He used the rest (Ghc 30,000) to purchase one plot of land. … Read more

‘I’ve Invested Bawumia’s Money and Still Broke’ – Shameless Psalm Adjeteyfio Cries as He Begs for Leftover Food

psalm adjetefio

May we never be this embarrassing to our families in our old age! Eternal nuisance Psalm Adjeteyfio is back doing what he does best, begging! The veteran actor has begged all over the country and whilst we thought he had been settled for good, he’s back to his shameful ways. Despite receiving a Ghc 50,000 … Read more

I Need Ghc 8,000 to Pay My Light Bill, ECG Has Disconnected Me – TT Begs Ghanaians Again


I don’t know if TT takes Ghanaians for a fool or what, after receiving 50,000 cedis from Dr Bawumia plus other huge donations from loved ones and sympathizers, TT has taken to the intent to subtly beg for monetary support According to the veteran actor who has become a nuisance on the local digital space, … Read more

Psalm Adjeteyfio Exposes The Darkside Of Delay As He Reveals How She Stopped Vodafone Gh From Helping Him


Ghanaian veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio aka TT has revealed the dark side of our very own Delay after exposing her whiles speaking in an interview with controversial Mona Gucci on Onua TV. TT who has been in the news for the past month after publicly soliciting funds to pay his rent didn’t hesitate to name … Read more

Actors Are Not that Special – Lilwin Lobbies for Government to Pay Actors When they’re Old


Actor Lilwin has called on the government to be paying actors a pension in their old age to prevent situations like Psalm Adjeteyfio is currently going through. Lilwin says actors entertain the nation therefore they have to be taken care of when they’re old and not able to make money anymore. It’s not like other … Read more

Ghanaians Hurriedly Forgive Psalm Adjeteyfio After Masterful Crying and Praying Performance On TV

psalm adjeteyfio praying

Veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio has quickly won back the love of Ghanaians after a masterful performance crying and praying on tv. TT has now gone from an ungrateful being who insulted those helping him to a beacon of gratitude. A video of Psalm Adjeteyfio on a tv station breaking down in tears and praying to … Read more

Actor Psalm Adjetefio Says Celebrities Should Refrain From Endorsing Politicians As It Could Hurt Their Careers


Psalm Adjetefio in “The Good Old Days - Papa Lasisi Good Bicycle”
Veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio, popularly known as TT (for his role in Taxi Driver), has come out against the phenomena of celebrities endorsing one party or another.
According to the actor, the practice can be detrimental to one’s career, as it divides their fans along ideological lines.

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