Child Abuse And Punishing A Child: Can Some Ghanaians Ever Tell The Difference Between The Two?

CHILD CRYINGWhat is the proper way to punish a child who breaks the rules around the home?  Parents punish their children in many different ways.  Some take away their toys, and others just give them some time out away from everything and everyone.

Punishment is preventing a child to visit friends or to go out to play for some time. Punishment is making a child do extra normal chores around the house.  Punishment is not allowing a child to do some of his/her favorite things.  There are so many safe ways to punishing a child who misbehaves.

But certainly making a child sit in hot water is not punishment that is child abuse. Pressing a hot iron on a child’s skin is not punishment that is child abuse. Beating a child with a wire is not punishment it is child abuse. Making a child eat his/her feces is not punishment it is child abuse.

I came across a chilling story this morning on PeaceFm online, and thought it wise to share with some of my readers here on GhanaCelebrities.Com.

Most often I read about articles and see images of children being tortured for doing things that most children do such as urinating on a bed, taking fish from the stew or soup etc. However, the punishment that comes with such acts from some parents, grandparents or guardians can be disturbing and so inhumane.

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