Are You A Real Man? | William Hill Survey Finds The Qualities Any Modern Day Real Man Should Possess

Black man


Homo sapiens are certainly the most evolved species on the planet- certainly no other species has our technology, or the self importance to feel a supreme being must have created us. Turns out in many ways, the male of the species has not evolved at all.

A survey commissioned by William Hill, and published by MailOnline, lists the 50 qualities a ‘real man’ must possess, as listed by 2,000 respondents.

How to read a map, how to tie a tie, how to change a light bulb, and how to do basic DIY (or do-it-yourself tasks) make up the 5th to 2nd positions. But the most important quality a real, modern day man should possess is the ability to remember your wedding anniversary date without pause.

You certainly don’t want to offend the missus.

Another, vital, real man quality; knowing that when a woman says ‘I’m fine’, it generally means she’s not fine.

Most of the tasks are what any basic male should reasonably be expected to carry out, showing that we might have evolved in many ways, but gender roles are certainly not one of them; despite whatever the feminists might tell you.

Here at the top 20 qualities of a ‘real man’-are you one, or you disagree with the criteria?

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