PHOTOS: And I Just Bumped Into Quentin Tarantino in Cannes


Few minutes ago, I bumped into Oscar award-winning Director- Quentin Tarantino in front of the AGORA at the Cannes Film Festival…

I was working on an article inside the Europe Media Centre pavilion when I was told the pavilion was closing in 5 minutes. I packed my stuff to head for the Press Room—in order to finish the article.

Walking pass the entrance of the AGORA, one of those black Renault festival branded cars pulled up—and Quentin Tarantino stepped out, dressed in all black. The few people around started shouting, pulling in more people…

Since I love Quentin Tarantino for his amazing work on Django Unchained and Kill Bill, I reached out for my camera to take some shots. He signed some few autographs and gently walked into the AGORA.

Check out the photos below…

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