Rapper-Itz Tiffany is a Goddam LIAR Who Has to Learn to Take RESPONSIBILITY

Itz Tiffany
Itz Tiffany

I’ve realized some of you totally disagree with my previous article despite having explained in 6 points “Why Itz Tiffany Deserves Everything & More”. There is obviously one thing going on here—it is either those who disagree read the article with their eyes closed or have no understanding of the case I made as a result of whatever dirty business they’ve taken part in private.

It’s time we women stop playing the victim card all the time—and start taking some amount of responsibility for our actions and omissions.

First of all, let me clear the way by pointing out why Itz Tiffany is a goddam liar and for once, she successfully fooled most Ghanaians—but this time, some of us will punch holes in her injudicious excuses and compel her to take responsibility for her actions.

When Itz Tiffany’s n*ked photos leaked some few years ago, this hell of a celebrity came to tell us that her phone was stolen by some robbers who leaked those private photos she took for her HUSBAND and baby father-Frank Whyte Gambrah.

It’s only thick headed Ghanaians who will believe this out of place story. Which sort of acute mentally constipated robber will have time to go into the mobile phone of a person he has robbed—and start sending or distributing the person’s n*ked photos on whatsapp?

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