Ghana’s Reggie and Bollie Formerly ‘Menn on Point’ Make It to X-Factor Live As Part of the Final 12

Reggie and Bollie
Reggie and Bollie

There’s something going on here: Ghana’s ‘Menn On Point’ have made it as part of the final 12 to X-Factors’ Live and they’ve also changed their name from ‘Menn on Point’ to just “Reggie n Bollie.”

A few minutes ago, the duo managed to steal a spot as part of the final 12 with a lousy performance of  Beatles’ Twist & Shout—but as we all know, it’s the X-Factor and not the Voice.

GhanaCelebrities.Com has already mentioned that Reggie n Bollie are lacking behind when it comes to real talent and the Telegraph agreed with us today.

“The third spot could be controversial – it’s gone to Reggie and Bollie, formerly Menn On Point. Clearly the duo has been chosen for entertainment value as opposed to actual talent. But hey, this is the X Factor, not The Voice, and for that we’re all very grateful,” the Telegraph wrote in their live coverage.

Bollie and Reggie’s journey started when they won the attention of the X-Factor judges with their first audition, performing their own song. In the X-Factor house, the two performed Cheerleader from OMI a few weeks ago, which was really not great but their energy was enough to push them through.

Today, they’ve made it again to the most important stage of the competition with their unique style.

As to why the two stand out, they’ve  said: “Our genre of music is completely different from what everyone else does – urban reggae. We are totally set apart from the other bands”

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