Old Post From Reggie Zippy’s Son Proves How Irresponsible He Was And How His Wife Became A Single Mother Despite Being Married


Reggie made a surprise announcement about the divorce, listing all the derogatory terms his wife had been using to refer to him, such as wicked, careless, self-centered, abusive, manipulative, us*less, etc. He claims that while he accepts all of the accusations leveled against him, he is merely relieved that he is now free to date … Read more

From Tears to Cheers- Reggie Zippy Holds Birthday Party for His Daughter Days After Mum’s Painful Burial – Check Out Photos

reggie zippy daughter birthday

Life is a roller coaster and musician Reggie Zippy is discovering that fully in recent times. Reggie lost his mum recently and was inconsolable. She was buried over the weekend in a moment of sorrow for the singer. A few days later, it’s time for joy as he celebrates the 7th birthday of his daughter, … Read more

Heartbreaking As Reggie Zippy Breaks Down in Deep Sorrow At Mother’s Funeral – Video

reggie loses mother

UK based Ghanaian artiste Reggie Zippy has broken down at his mother’s funeral which is currently ongoing. Reggie decided to sing in tribute of his mother and could barely get the words out of his mouth as he was engulfed with sorrow. The rapper lost his mum earlier this year in heartbreaking manner. READ ALSO: … Read more

Depressed Reggie Zippy Causes Alarm As he Posts Suicide Note A Month After His Mom Died

reggie loses mother

Ghanaian musician Reggie Zippy has caused massive alarm on social media after posting a suicide note on Instagram. Reggie, who lost his mum a month ago, at the end of August, says no one should be surprised if he’s not heard from again He took to his social media handles to share his suicidal thoughts. … Read more

Sad News As Reggie Zippy Loses Mum – All the Details

reggie loses mother

Reggie Zippy of Reggie and Bollie fame has sadly lost his mum, the UK based artiste has confirmed. Reggie took to Instagram today to sob over the shock news that his beloved mother, Cecelia, had passed away. The former X-Factor star revealed that his mother sadly passed yesterday, August 27th 2021. He was in shock … Read more