Accra Mall Owners Demand 7% of Annual Profit of Traders + MORE | Where is the Gov’t of Ghana?

Accra Mall
Accra Mall

Do we have laws in Ghana and when will Ghanaians begin to stand up against what is wrong?

According to several traders (shop owners) at the Accra Mall, they are being subjected to series of unfair treatments, extortion and unlawful demands by the foreign owners of the Mall, and have therefore decided to take to the streets in red…

Speaking on an Accra based radio station; one of the traders listed some shocking/unlawfully treatments the foreign Mall owners are subjecting Ghanaian traders renting spaces in the Mall to as;

Contrary to Bank of Ghana regulations, the Mall Owners are charging their rents in dollars—and when asked for cedi conversion, the Mall Owners turn to the high black market exchange rate for the conversion.

Secondly, the Mall Owners continue to pass on late payment penalties of their bills such as electricity and others to the traders, even when the traders have paid their rents on time. What happens is, after the traders have paid their rents on time, these foreign Mall Owners fail to pay the needed bills and when they are slapped with penalties, they pass it on to the traders…

Again, it has emerged that Owners of the Mall who have a similar mall in South Africa (where they are from) charge 15 dollars in South Africa for a square metre space while in Ghana, they charge between 50-60 dollars for a square metre.

The most upsetting and never heard of demand is that, the Mall Owners have requested that all traders using the mall must make their annual profit known to them—-and pay the Mall Owners 7% of the said profit. Where does this happen in this world? Why didn’t they just make it 10% and call it mall tithes?

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