Worried Bofowaa Weakly Fires Back at Nana Agradaa’s Allegation that Obofour is Sleeping with her Sister

nana agradaa bofowaa

Bofowaa Ciara Antwi, wife of Ghanaian prophet Obofour, has fired back at Nana Agradaa over some salacious allegations against her marriage. Agradaa, as we reported earlier today, took Bofowaa and her husband to task in a viral video. A pissed off Agradaa alleged that Obofour cannot be described as a man of God because he’s … Read more

Rev Obofour Allegedly Dumps Wife after Five Children to Sleep with her Fresh and Hot Sister


Evangelist Nana Agradaa has laid explosive allegations at the feet of Rev Obofour as they rekindle their beef. Agradaa has seemingly transitioned from a fetish priest who insults everybody to a woman of God who insults everybody. Nothing about her literally changed aside from her title. Agradaa has started off a fresh beef with Rev … Read more