They Didn’t Try for her and Ankobiah – Fans Bash Turkey Surgeons as Salma Mumin’s Backside Flops – Video

salma mumin valentine

Fashion critic Charlie Dior took Salma Mumin to the cleaners for her dressing to a recent awards show. He took aim at her beautifully sculpted Turkey bumbum and declared it a mess. According to Dior, Salma’s backside was looking weird in her dress, like a couple of onions sticking out. He released his hilarious critique … Read more

Salma Mumin Rushed to the Hospital after Being Poisoned on Set – Video


Reports circulating on social media suggests that Ghanaian actress Salma Mumin was rushed to the hospital after being poisoned at work. This was revealed in a self-recorded video Salma shared on her Youtube page. She revealed to her followers and the media that she was poisoned on a movie set by a jealous colleague. READ … Read more

Salma Mumin Tensions Fans As She Kicks Off Vacations in Madrid – Photos


Many are complaining the movie industry is not as lucurative as it used to yet Ghanaian actress are globetrotting. Last week, it was Sandrah Ankobiah touring the beautiful cities of the world and this week, Salma Mumin has followed. READ ALSO: Pregnant Ghanaian Woman Shockingly Kicked off Emirates Flight to Dubai after Vomiting on the … Read more

Products of Turkey Academy – Stunning Photo of Sandra Ankobiah and Salma Mumin Displaying Assets Causes Stir

salma mumin sandra ankobiah

A stunning photo of top Ghanaian slay queens – actress Salma Mumin and lawyer Sandra Ankobiah, is causing a stir online. The photo shows the two beautiful, sensational and gorgeous ladies beautifully posing for the camera and flaunting their assets. The word ‘assets’ refer to possessions which are profitable to their owner and in these … Read more

Photos of the Day – Juliet Ibrahim, Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari, Nana Ama McBrown, Joselyn


Hello and welcome to GhanaCelebrities.Com’s daily photos of the day column. In this column, we gather the best celebrity photos of every single day for our reader’s viewing pleasure. Instagram is where the action is for celebrity photos and that’s where we scour the timelines of your favourite celebrities for their most recent photos. We … Read more

All that Body and Still No Man? – Salma Mumin Begs for A Date for Valentine

salma mumin valentine

Actress Salma Mumin is looking for a man this upcoming Valentine to chill and spoil her. Despite carrying a Turkish body, Salma seems unable to lock down a man per her own admission. According to her, men are turning her down at a record rate with an explanation that they do not celebrate Valentine’s. The … Read more

Learn From The Preman Millionaires And Remove The Maternity Dress And Azar Paint Makeup- Fans Mock Tracey Boakye And Diamond As They Compare Them To Hajia4real and Salma Mumin


The attention of the day is on Afia Schwarzenegger’s one week observation for her late father and the shenanigans of the celebrities in attendance.  The chaos hadn’t fully started when BB and Diamond arrived but because comparison is the thief of joy, this is where we are now.  The mafia gang thought they were the … Read more

‘Video Go Leak Soon’ – Ghanaians Predict Another Sushi Party as Salma Mumin Spotted Chilling at D-Black’s House


Yesterday, Ghanaian business mogul and musician D-Black turned a year old and guess who was spotted among the crowd at his private birthday party? Actress Salma Mumin. Salma and Desmond Blackmore are good friends so it is no big deal if she joins him celebrate a new age but Ghanaians are making a fuss out … Read more

Salma Mumin Sheds Tears Of Joy As Her Invisible Boyfriend Surprises Her With A Flower Bouquet For Her Birthday


Actress Salma Mumin is a year older today, December 14th 2021. The actress is 32 years old and counting. Celebrating her plus one, Salma Mumin has already shared sultry photos of herself looking just lovely. The actress went for her photoshoot in a silk corset dress looking snatched and even more like a bride. READ … Read more

Salma Mumin Follows Kisa Gbekle to Turkey and Reveals She’s Added More ‘Fat’ to her Body – Photos

salma mumin

Actress Salma Mumin has been spotted in Turkey chilling her ‘butt’ off. The actress over the past several weeks has been all over the world, following the Tracey Boakye blueprint. The Boakye blueprint is when a celebrity who hardly does any work is seen globetrotting, visiting exotic countries on exotic trips. Everywhere you look it … Read more

It’s Not Even Up to 100 Cedis – Fans Troll Salma Mumin for Spraying 12 Dollars on Tiwa Savage at a Program in Turkey

salma mumin tiwa savage

Social media users are having the time of their lives trolling actress Salma Mumin after she tried to do ‘ahohyehye’ on Tiwa Savage. The Ghanaian actress and the Nigerian singing queen have both found themselves in Turkey on a chilling spree. During their time out there, Tiwa Savage was performing at an event and Salma … Read more

PUT THEM ON BLAST – Scantily Dressed Salma Mumin Walks the Streets of New Jersey Like A TRAMP – Photos


Actress Salma Mumin has been in the United States for quite some time now. No one knows what she’s doing there other than aimlessly walk the streets and take photos on random streets to post online In her most recent post, Salma is seen in a very scanty dress looking like she’s one of the … Read more

THE BATTLE OF THE BBLs – Benedicta Gafah Shows Sister Afia And Salma Mumin How To Maintain Their Surgery Bodies


One thing about Ghanaian celebrities, they cannot withstand any type of pressure. It’s always funny to see how they copy very blindly too and never fail to look like bootleg versions of the icon they very much want to copy. The newest person allegedly on the surgery list is Sister Afia. She obviously did not … Read more

PHOTOS of the Day – Ama K. Abebrese, Salma Mumin, Christabel Ekeh, Kofi Kinaata, Fadda Dickson

ama k abebrese photo

It’s the end of a long week and there’s no better way to chillax than to enjoy some photos from your favourite celebrities. GhanaCelebriites.Com has compiled photos uploaded by celebrities we spotted on our Instagram feed today. We have photos from Ama K. Abebrese, Salma Mumin, Kofi Kinaata, the stylish Fadda Dickson, Christabel Ekeh, Benedicta … Read more

Salma Mumin’s U.S Trip Is Allegedly for A Top-Up – Photo Pops Up

salma mumin

Actress Salma Mumin is the latest Ghanaian celebrity who has taken a trip and won’t let us rest with a million and one photos of her in every pose imaginable. Over the past few days, if you make a living monitoring the posts of celebrities like we do, you would have spotted Salma gallivanting all … Read more

PHOTOS of the Day – Shugatiti, Hajia 4 Real, Chris Attoh, Salma Mumin, Juliet Ibrahim, Afia Schwar

photos of the day shugatiti

Our favourite celebrities decided not to waste the day and dropped some beautiful and dashing photos on the gram. GhanaCelebrities.Com has gathered some of the most juicy and dapper photos after scrolling through our feed the whole day. READ ALSO: Bombshell Report Claims Mina Cheated on ZionFelix and He’s Not the Father of their Daughter … Read more

You’ll Suffer In Life! – Delay Reacts to Moesha Audio Leak and Curses her Gossiping PA


Delay has reacted to the story of Moesha Boduong and her gossiping PA and rained fire and curses on Nelson. According to Delay, he is going to suffer in life and nothing will ever go well for him. Delay is pissed after Nelson, who has been Moesha’s long time personal assistant, sold her out to … Read more

Salma Mumin Is Not Evil – Check Out Throwback Chat Of How Moesha Dragged And Exposed Her To Her Followers


Salma Mumin and Moesha Boduong fell out a long time ago! It isn’t today that Salma has wronged Moesha or the other way round. The two celebrities were very good friends who once even stayed together but along the way, they had their problems and they couldn’t resolve it. READ ALSO: Stop the Nhwehwenimu Charity … Read more

She’s A Jealous, Envious, B**tch – Akuapem Poloo Goes Hard on Salma with No Holding Back

akuapem poloo salma mumin

Actress Rosemond Brown aka Akuapem Poloo has unleashed herself on Salma Mumin for releasing a secret recording intended to embarrass Moesha Boduong. Poloo held nothing back in a scathing attack on Salma Mumin, describing her as jealous and envious of Moesha Boduong. She just stopped short of calling her a b*tch but her description of … Read more

Moesha Boduong’s Family Reacts To Leaked Audiotape – Denies Relationship With Alleged Brother


There’s an audiotape floating on social media; the tape is a chat between Actress Salma Mumin and Moesha’s personal assistance called Nelson, some blogs claim he’s Moesha’s brother. The two talked about all the dirty stuff Moesha has done and the people she has offended. READ ALSO: We Don’t Use Someone’s Sickness To Make Fun … Read more

We Don’t Use Someone’s Sickness To Make Fun Of Them – Afia Schwar Goes After Salma For Releasing Secret Recordings To Disgrace Moesha


Queen Afia Schwarzenegger has reacted after Salma Mumin leaking secret audio between her and Moesha’s personal assistant to disgrace her. Schwar has blasted Salma and warn her that she should remember Moesha is sick and that can happen to anybody! READ ALSO: Salma Mumin Under Fire After Allegedly Leaking Gossip Chat With Moesha Boduong’s PA … Read more

Fan Curses Salma for Wicked Acts Towards Moesha With her Own Words – ‘You Can’t Do Ugly Things and Live A Beautiful Life’

salma mumin

Social media users are so done with actress Salma Mumin for trying to paint Moesha Boduong black and have turned on her completely. Ghanaians have impressively taken Moesha’ side in this beef – showing that whilst they might troll her every once in a while, now that she is having issues they are ready to … Read more

Petty Snitch Salma Mumin Admits Recording Moesha’s PA And Sending it to Friends

salma mumin moesha

Salma Mumin has come out to address the recording out there of her and Moesha Boduong’s PA, a gossip called Nelson, talking about all the alleged sins of Moesha. Nelson, for someone who works for Moesha, was willing to sell her out to an enemy of hers like Salma Mumin. He called Salma and was … Read more

Salma Mumin Under Fire After Allegedly Leaking Gossip Chat With Moesha Boduong’s PA Talking About All The Evil Things Moesha Has Done


Whatever beef Moesha Boduong had with Salma Mumin before her sickness really got to Salma. She is turned so unforgiving and dishing out her pain at her even at the extreme dark end of Moesha. Yesterday, Salma Mumin took to social media to claim that ‘one cannot do evil things and expect to live a … Read more

3ka Aba Fie! – Salma Mumin Grows Fat and Couldn’t Maintain Plastic Surgery Body – Photos


As Brazilian b*tt lifts popularly known as BBLs saw a boost thanks to social media, it was no surprise when the likes of actress Moesha Bodoung went under the knife and denied for several years but later on confessed to getting the surgery.  She dropped the name off her colleague Salma Mumin whom she fell out with and revealed on Emelia Brobbey’s … Read more

‘You Can’t Do Ugly Things and Live A Beautiful Life’ – Salma Mumin Throws Subtle Shots at Moesha


Actress Salma Mumin who is known to have a long-standing beef with her former friend Moesha Buduong was caught throwing jabs at her in a social media post. Salma shared a post that stated: “You can’t do ugly things to people and expect to live a beautiful life”.  The actress can deny all she wants … Read more

Hajia 4 Real and Salma Mumin Allegedly Happy As Kids Over Moesha’s Misfortune

salma mumin moesha

Two Ghanaian slay queens are alleged to be happy as kids in a candy store over the misfortune of their colleague. Salma Mumin, who has a long-running beef with Moesha, and her friend Hajia 4 Real, are alleged to be on cloud nine that actress Moesha Boduong is currently going through tough times. Moesha Boduong’s … Read more