Richie Mensah Reacts To Kuami Eugene’s Law Suit – Warns The Media To Stop Spreading Nonsense


CEO of Lynx Entertainment, Richie Mensah, has reacted to a lawsuit filed against Kuami Eugene by a Nigerian singer. A Nigerian singer, Ottomi Patrick Akhere aka Oduma Essan, claims that Eugene stole the concept and elements of his single ‘Show Body’ released in July 2020. About a month after he released his song, Kuami Eugene … Read more

Sarkodie In Serious Trouble For Stealing Lyrics From A Highlife Legend To Make His ‘Coachella Song’ – Videos


Respected Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie released a monster hit yesterday which featured BET nominated artiste Kwesi Arthur. The song titled ‘Coachella’ has been banging on radio stations and trending on social media since its release but trouble has found Sarkodie and his team. READ ALSO: Lilwin Allegedly Entered Sandra Ababio’s Punini Before Giving Her Movie Roles … Read more

I Am A Hit Making Machine – Kuami Eugene Brags About His Impeccable Song Sampling Skills – Video


Current VGMA Artist of the Year, Kuami Eugene is by no means a great musician who has given Ghanaians big hits but it is too early to brag. Kuami Eugene was captured in an interview with Zionfelix bragging about how much of a monster hit maker he is and has a bag full of catchy … Read more

Sampling Other People’s Songs, What Our Musicians Are Ignorant About


We live in a country where copyright has become an issue. One may wonder if the copyright laws work in Ghana. Without putting proper measures in place, an artist cannot fully enjoy the fruit of his/her labour.

One important aspect of copyright issue that our musicians are ignorant about is sampling. In music, sampling refers to the act of capturing or taking a section of a person’s sound recording and incorporating it into a new recording. A person can either sample a recorded voice or a programmed beat.

There are certain legalities surrounding sampling elements of another person’s song. These issues, however, I think Ghanaian musicians know next to nothing about them. Songs are being sampled everyday for free without any permission or authorisation from the owners of the work.

Not long after P Square released their hit track, Alingo, one of Ghana’s finest Dancehall artistes, Samini, sampled the ‘Alingo’ beat, which he even used to throw punches at the owners of the beat (P Square). Appietus, a renowned sound engineer in the country, was bashed by a section of Ghanaians when he sampled DJ Cyndo’s ‘Amerido’ beat for 5Five’s ‘Muje Baya’ track.

Before an artiste can sample an already existing recording, permission ought to be granted by the songwriter, the musician who owns the song, or the musician’s record label. Even after granting the permission, the artiste who intend using the sampled work has to pay a license fee to the owner of the song. The license fee depends on the how much of the music is been sampled, the popularity of the song intended to be sampled, and the intended use of the sample in one’s song. Without these, the outcome is tantamount to stealing a person’s intellectual property or infringing on copyright laws.

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