Cameroonian Football Star-Samuel Eto’o Splashes £18.5 Million On A ‘Cursed’ Luxury Villa

Samuel Eto'o's Villa
Samuel Eto’o’s Villa

The footballers are living large—and with such high earnings each week, they continue to look for expensive places where they can put their money.

Cameroonian football star-Samuel Eto’o  has shown that he is not just a baller on the pitch but off pitch, he can get people talking too—with his money…

Though the villa which locals say is haunted by the curse of the Tutankhamun is deemed to be under some sort of curse because of its history, Striker Samuel Eto’o – who played for Chelsea and Everton before transferring to Sampdoria in northern Italy has fallen in love with it—and has splashed £18.5 million on it.

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